Fl4k damage calc help

Might be asking for too much but if someone can calc some damage between two builds. I would like to know which comes out with more damage, if possible in what situations as well.

Build 1: https://bl3skills.com/beastmaster#0050151335214010051000000532530033101
Shield: Radiation Old God ASE 50% Radiation.
Guns: Gamma Burst Anoint.

Build 2: https://bl3skills.com/beastmaster/#0050151305001310050000000534530033151
Shield: Front Loader ASE 50% Radiation.
Guns: 50/150 Radiation Anoint.

Both are Gamma Burst builds and use The Pearl artifact, 50% cryo ASE grenade, Red Fang with +1 to He Bites to get stacks of Frenzy faster. They both also use the two Gamma Burst augments available and have Spiderant Scorcher.

Really appreciate any help on this.

Ok, crunched the numbers and it looks like you’re getting a lot more damage out of the TPI build overall

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(i assumed a radiation weapon for both builds to maximize the old god damage, but even without non-rad weapons it will still be hitting harder per shot by a significant margin)

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I guess I should have mentioned some gun specifics. Assuming they both use the same weapons, so build 1 does more than build 2 you say. Significantly more even. Thanks for crunching the numbers. Really grateful for this.

By chance what are the numbers? I’m curious to know by how much more the damage is considering you said significant.

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Sounds to me that build 1 would be the go to on this.

No problem, and good thing you asked because it got me to run the numbers again, and i mixed up a decimal the first run; turns out they’re pretty much equal

With a 10k dmg non-rad weapon, b1 averages 384295/shot and b2 averages 384706.

Boy is my face red. Those numbers have both been double checked for better quality control this time

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I see, they are both pretty close on average. I would have thought that b1 would have a more burst damage for 15 seconds provided by The Power Inside as well as Fast and Furryous. While b2 has more constant and consistent damage.

Yeah, you’ve got the right of it; if it factors into your decision, you do get more pet damage from b1, but that and the burst vs consistency are really the main differences

Although, you’ll probably get more damage out of a n2m anoint than gamma burst anoint, let me check real quick

Yeah, if you’re using a weapon that can always have n2m up, you’d get about 78k more damage per shot in that formula, making b1 stronger (and more than that if the n2m element is rad)

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Honestly never even considered N2M anoint as I figured you can mostly get Gamma Burst back up and running fairly quick. Thanks for going the extra mile on this. There is a lot to think about on this.

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No problem! If you can get gamma up in under ten seconds the math will change, but 10 seems a solid average for it.

Glad i could help, and good luck with it all!

Thanks doesn’t feel like enough to express my gratitude but it’s all I can say so thanks… again.

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@Knuffle I couldn’t see the first build you posted because the link was not working, but on the second build, why are you running Grim Harvest? On a GB build, the AS damage doesn’t benefit you, you can get the pet damage elsewhere, and the Fl4k damage is useful but also can be gotten elsewhere. Grim Harvest is only typically useful on Rakk builds, at least in my mind. I’d consider moving those points to the blue or green tree.

I know this is not on the topic you originally posted, but I can’t see the first build so I thought I would comment on what I could see.

Odd, link 1 works just fine.

Took a screenshot to see if it works. As for the second build, I’m sure you can use the points elsewhere but given the selection of skills, Grim Harvest gives damage.

Even if it’s only at the 25% bonus, TPI is still a better deal imo. Grim Harvest is 15% gun damage, the Pearl on its own gives 90%. The bonus is just so small that personally I would never consider taking GH for weapon damage.

For build 2 I’d just go with this https://bl3skills.com/beastmaster/#0050151305511310050000000533530033101

True enough. Looks much better. I would still estimate damage being about the same.

It’s not always about just the straight damage calculation though. Sometimes it’s about how and under what conditions you can deal it and whether you can survive through it.

Well yes. The thing is that both would play nearly identical though. It is the same playstyle. The differences comes in the damage and when the damage.