FL4K Fade Away Damage

Has anybody noticed if you do more damage if Fl4K’s Fade Away and you get a headshot?
I’m hoping they still reward you for headshots and it doesn’t just give you the same damage no matter where you hit. I think I know the answer, but I’m hoping you get rewarded for skill rather than it just being an “easy snipe” button.

I think the “free crits” portion of the ability is there for enemies that can’t be crit easily or normally. It allows a burst damage build to be viable against bosses and other hard targets.

Aurelia vs Nisha in the boss killing department comes to mind.

You get a crit wherever you hit but I’ve not noticed if you get extra crit damage for headshotting regardless. So far I’m lv 15 and combining Fade away with Guerrillas in the mist and a Jakobs shotty is almost silly (in a good way).

I just started playing the game and don’t have any kill skills or anything. I experimented a bit with a Jakobs pistol. It seems you do get extra damage if you’re in Fade Away and get a headshot.
Normal crit ~50
Fade Away ~60
Fade Away+Crit ~90


Just curious, how was this tested? Was this base F4de Away, or with augments, and which skills were you specced into? Because alot of modifiers affect F4de Away damage.

Weakspots offer higher crit dmg compared to body shots in fade away.