Fl4k feedback skill tree

I’ll be straight to point fade away feels broken, had fun for 30 first minutes, after that i felt upset and bored, my build is not even fully min maxed, and i deleting everything on mayhem 3, but i think its known issue.

[fade away]-Remove guaranteed critical shot while [fade away], game should reward aiming.

[dominance]- ADD [[E]t ouch pet] gives gives bonus to pets damage by x% for first 10 attacks plus decreases enemy dmg for x sec. whole master tree feel weak in comparison to stalker tree-dmg, speed, survival

  1. Fade Away rewards aiming. The crits are not ‘true crits’. You will do more than double damage when aiming for the crit spots during Fade Away.
  2. Try the map ‘Slaughter Shaft’ on M3. If you find that easy, your build is either really good or you are really an above average shooter player :wink:
  3. FL4k is strong, but pales in comparison to Amara. She is really strong (with the right class mod). If you nerf FL4k further, you will increase the mobbing power gap to Amara and possibly even Moze.