FL4K feels kinda underwhelming compared to the other Vault Hunters

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think that he’s terrible at all, he can still do decent damage, but the problem is that it heavily depends on what guns you’re using.

For example, ever since I got the Monarch it’s the only weapon that I use with him because it’s the only one that deals very high damage (compared to other guns which are extremely weak), but I know this is a different problem entirely.

Not to mention that he is extremely squishy, how come all of the other Vault Hunters get some life stealing skills and he only gets a small amount of health regen?

I honestly wish they reverted the nerfs they did to Fade Away months ago because they make absolutely no sense seeing how this is not a PVP game.


Especially since FL4K got nerfed cause him beeing to op was a thing tho look at amara ties that bind was op even before the mayhem scaling patch.
But what do i know.

What i wanna add here is that his pets except for spiderant sorcher really cant put out a lot of dmg. I really hope they get a bit love from the devs.

FL4K heals in % per sec. tho especially now, that the enemies do mayhem 10 dmg it is a joke. I mean technically u can use him as a support character tho this has no real use since all the other VH´s have much better sustain skills than him.

Give FL4K the love he deserves and be fair with all the Vault Hunters its kinda silly that Amara had the right to be a broken op VH since day 1.


Yeah health regen is pretty much useless unless the % is extremely high, but then again, FL4K can’t have such high amounts. I hope they add some life steal to his skills like they added to Moze/Zane.

in term of gameplay , he is . everybody get easy health gate except which make inconvenient to play , because the easiest method to not die from enemy is to keep distance from the enemy. other 3 can simply go in get out easily without using the brain to play .

damage wise , all vh can clear mobs very efficiently and they all have their own method to boss . arbitrarily they dont have any difference since the outcome is the same

Back when I was playing Fl4k (a couple months ago) I did find his sustain to be an issue. On the positive side Fadeaway gives you a great escape tactic, Gamma burst leads the enemy to ignore you, and Raks can give you healing. So he does have tools to help. Fl4k though has always been a bit of a glass canon and with the enemies damage scaling with mayhem levels, and our shields not scaling, I am not surprised by the idea that this is even more of an issue. I would look to build around your action skills than the % regen.

My build does revolve around his skills, but my problem is that he only feels powerful using the Monarch, and other guns don’t do much damage at all, I’d love more sustain but I’d also love more damage.

Melee fade away FL4K is a beast. I’m not feeling the need to have any other weapons.

Is crap because the action skill does no damage and relies on red fang com for any kind of usefulness also requires you to go down the blue tree which adds almost no damage to Fl4k or their pet.

Is not enough because the healing part takes timebto get back to fl4k and its bugged with head count so you can’t spam it for sustain healing.

Some of their skills are bugged and not giving as much health regen as they are suppose to get so don’t know if gbx will fix it or how that will improve fl4k.

Fade away is still great and works well with a plethora of weapons and you can keep going back into it with basically no cooldown in-between with a reflux or brainstormer which boosts your survivability by alot. Also a shield like stop-gap, transformer etc. helps Fl4k’s survivability.

Here is a build for fade away if you need it

I freely admit that I am behind the times when it comes to Fl4k. But having run with Gamma Burst before I was surprised by your statement.

This shows that it is still very viable. I’ll grant you that Moxsy runs with very good equipment so it is possible this is not as viable as that video will lead you to believe. Still it does show that Gamma/Red Fang is still doable.

The problem of Fl4k isn’t their survivability, but that they have nothing standing out from other Vault Hunters. The other games all had a glass cannon character, but as all characters in this game are cannons, Fl4k feels like nothing special damage wise, so all that’s left is the “glass”, which sticks out in a negative way.

Basically at some point you do not need more damage and from that point on there is almost no difference anymore. And while the other characters can build on other aspects of themselves once they reached their “damage output potential”, Fl4k has their pets, which, while usable, don’t make the difference they need to make to make Fl4k as a character more appealing.

There are several possible solutions, like granting more bonuses to the pets to help Fl4k, like lifesteal from all damage the pets do, which would make Atomic Aroma an awesome skill for that or lifesteal from all Fade Away damage Fl4k inflicts, a generally higher focus of enemies on the pets, massive bonuses to the pets while Fl4k is down and a free revive when they kill something and the obvious solution: Fixing Rage and Recover and increasing the amount of health regeneration from all sources.

Many possible fixes aren’t even hard to code as its for the most part about fixing and adjusting numbers:

  • Self-repairing System: Make it 2% health regen/second
  • Turn Tail and Run: Make it 2,5% health regen/second
  • Lick the Wounds: Give Fl4k 2,5% health regen for it’s duration after being revived
  • The Fast and the Furryous: Give it a second “active state” (while Fl4ks health is below 50%) and let Fl4k regen 3% health per second while in that state
  • Rage and Recover: Fix that skill and extend it’s duration to 5 seconds and that would already make a huge difference for Fl4ks survivability
  • Who rescued Who?: Make it 4% health regen/second
  • Falconer’s Feast: Make it regen 15% health per target hit

All those would help greatly to make nimble movement with Fl4k (more) sustainable as the health regen would permanently be above or around 20% of their max health per second at least once the health goes below 50%. This would help healthgating at least a bit.

Additionally I would greatly increase the aggro the pets draw, so that the pets have a higher priority than Fl4k. We shouldn’t need a Red Fang class mod to make our pets a good distraction. Increasing the pet aggro with their damage would be one way to do it that wouldn’t feel unnatural as more dangerous animals have a higher priority to be slain in real life as well. I would just scale it in a way that is relative to the pet base damage. If pets currently deal 2 times their base damage due to being buffed by skills, I would also double their aggro draw with that.


Never said it wasn’t viable alot of those flaws I stated can be ignored if you use red fang which is the main problem with gamma. I mean you be hard pressed to find a gamma burst build without red fang com.

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Yeah, not going to argue that point. Gamma Burst & Red Fang == Peanut Butter & Jelly. Or Abbott and Costello or Maya and Kreig … oh snap … too soon?


Yes GB nerfed them up good. Him and his stagecoach too.
No longer fun to play.


I mean just give him 1% lifesteal. And hes Gold

Cept.increase other pets damage they really need a buff

Schorcher meta shouldnt be a meta

many consider that fl4k is rank at the bottom in terms of best vault hunter.

They definitely need some life steal tacked on somewhere, but I don’t think I really get knocked as them more than anyone but Zane. My 1hp Moze, and my TB Amara both get knocked plenty. For me, at least though, FL4K gets up faster, because, of my 4 characters, he hits the hardest (plus my spider ant is nearly immortal, and can almost always get me if I can’t get up on my own). I run a Rakk build with a Rakk Pack com, and primarily use a Clairvoyance, Maggie or Seventh Sense, Garcia or Robin’s Call, and a Wedding Invitation. Sometimes I’ll switch to a Stackbot for bossing, and my old Yellowcake or Nukem if an area is really giving me problems. It’d be great if they’d fix headcount, and I’d love some life steal in their build, but I’ve been a FL4K main since day one, and they’re still the one I have the most fun with.

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The “Fl4k needs lifesteal” is a meme that needs to die tbh. Main Fl4k here and the fact that everyone wants every VH to be a Amara/Zane lifesteal wise is irritating. Fl4k is a powerhouse, Fl4k outdps every VH, it has always been the case. Only limitation to the character was the fact that Maliwan Takedown, Slaughtershafts, were basically dps checks and you couldn’t afford to go down repeatedly.

Now honesly, who’s still afraid of FFYL in this game ? It’s a joke. I even consider FFYL as a buff : all my weapons get reloaded, duration increased by 50% if I don’t move, I do more damage in FFYL, my FFYL gets even more increased if I keep damaging enemies, and cherry on the top : I get back to full shield and full health when exiting FFYL. You can basically just focus on dps and obliterate everything on Fl4k. Lifesteal isn’t needed. Fl4k is balanced.

All I’m personally asking is for Gearbox to fix bugged skills/interactions, adjust other pets to perform like Spiderant , and I’ll be more than happy with Fl4k.
Fl4k is the most effective and versatile VH : the only one who can use every action skill and still be kicking butts, Rakk is viable (even though bugged cause Head Count meme), Gamma is viable, dealing even more dmg since Urad anoint, Fade Away is absolutely crazy. And he can use a variety of COMs when other VHs usually stick to one of two. Zane, that many consider the top 2 character with Amara, can’t even function properly without Seein’ Dead. Seein’ Dead isn’t a COM at this point, it’s a band aid.


Right about Gamma as AS, wrongish about damage. The blue tree provides a mix of Fl4k damage, pet damage and defense.

The issue with pets is that the base values + Mayhem scaling of pet damage aren’t well-balanced (yet) so they underperform as damage-dealers in high Mayhem.

Gamma also offers major healing via the augment that gives +20% health per second while GB is active if you position near the burst.

People talk crap about Gamma all the dang time and it drives me up the wall. It has its limitations (needs Red Fang) and it is not Fl4k’s Highest-DPS build, but in exchange it does have arguably the best sustain and the best crowd-control of any Fl4k build. A good Gamma spec can clear anything this game can throw at you. And yes, that includes soloing True Takedowns.

GB as a skill could absolutely use some adjustments but if what you’re missing is sustain and survivability, it’s the best option available.

And as for guns for Fl4k: Monarch’s a beast for sure. It’s a good go-to for bossing. But for mobbing, get yourself a Hellshock. I also recommend the Proprietary License, and you might even give the Robin’s Call a try (again, for mobbing). You may or may not like it, but I’ve been using one and it’s quite good for mobbing in Fl4k’s hands. (Warning: Avoid the Big Kick Energy modifier if you want to try the Robin’s Call).

A good gamma spec is just equipping a red fang, just like a good pet build is just equipping Scorcher right now. That sustain and CC you mention is mostly due to Red Fang, without it Gamma has nothing of value. Fade Away has better CC and sustain at base than Gamma.

Agree with the rest of your comment though. Blue tree has a great amount of damage for FL4K as well as other stuff, and unless it’s attached to pets or Rakk FL4K really shouldn’t be getting life steal, just buff the health regen skills to be worth a damn.


What equipment are you using for this? I dabble in this with the Buttplug, but like what’s your build?