FL4K Gamma Burst Build, Duration vs Cooldown

Hello, I’m running a FL4k Gamma Burst build that uses The Power Inside and Anointed weapons with the Gamma Burst 65% damage boost. I’m debating removing points from Persistence Hunter and swapping out Endurance for another augment.
My thoughts are: the shorter the duration, then i can activate gamma burst more often.
This way i can deal the initial burst damage more often and The Power Inside is active more often. But then i feel like I’m not getting the most out of the anointed guns. So my dilemma is Duration vs Cooldown. I think i will try skipping the duration skills and go for cooldown instead, but does anyone have any thoughts?

If you’re building around the power inside, go with cooldown. You can get pretty low with gear and anointments, so focus on using Gamma Burst as often as possible to get the most out of the Power Inside.

Thanks for the reply.
I’ve been paying closer attention to my health bar while I’m playing and it seems like half of the time I’m not at full health (using Red Suit Shield), so i bailed on using The Power Inside, its not worth it unless I’m almost always getting the double bonus for being at full health. The Power Inside seems to be best designed for Rakk Attack and Fade Away. Also, the damage boost from gamma burst anointed weapons seems much more worthwhile. The problem i’m having now is getting decent weapons with the Gamma Burst anointed effect. :frowning:
I think i’m gonna go for a Rakk build until i can farm better Gamma Burst anointed gear.