FL4K GammaVore God Build - Mayhem 4 Build

Showcasing my Mayhem 4 Fl4k build focused around a GammaVore combo offering both crowd control with red fang as well as incredible dps with gamma burst + new mayhem 4 anointments along with a maggie/bekah loadout with jacobs focused bonuses on the class mod that have perfect synergy with the Hunter tree skills . This build shreds through mayhem 4 mobs and is a load of fun to use whether you’re wanting to mob/boss/raid. Enjoy :slight_smile:


I am running gammavore myself. Lot’s of fun.


This looks great, going to try it out for sure.

Have you found any other guns to be strong enough in M4 if you don’t have a good Maggie?

Also, with the ASE Cryo damage on the 2nd Maggie, do you have to cast Gamma Burst with that Maggie or it just works at action skill end on its own, also do you have to be holding that Maggie when Gamma ends?

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Hey Korakk, yeah other Jacobs weapons that work great in mayhem 4 are stuff like the companion which you can spam thanks to its high mag and good base damage (combined with other anointed effects), Rowan’s call which still puts in work especially if you’ve got the right anointment on it. As far as non Jacobs weapons go, I’m a big fan of the usual meta guns like the Night Hawkin, crossroads, Lucians call, laser sploder and the linoge but an underrated gun would be the trevenator which can be incredible with the right anointments.

As far as i can tell, you need to be using the anointed weapon in your hands for the on ase effect to take place which is why you see me swapping to my other Maggie when gamma burst is about to end


Sounds good, thanks for the detailed reply. I’ll check my mules and hopefully something decent has the Gamma Burst anointment!

One thing I know I have with that Anointment and want to try out (because I’m a sniper at heart) is the Monocle and maybe a Muckamuck in 2nd slot because of the absurd scope. Can maybe make the build work staying back a little more and picking off all the enemies attacking your pet. I think we’ll need Overkill working again to really see if it’s viable with this setup.

Thanks again, and nice build :+1:

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Just getting to end content with my Fl4k. Gamma looks a bit like Maya’s effects which appeals to me. I will start trying to gear up for this.

edit: That spreadsheet is off the hook. Is that your work?

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No worries man, I enjoy these kinds of discussions :slight_smile:
I’ve been curious about a sniper gamma build for a while now, I’ve also got a gamma monocle and I feel that with correct placement of gamma burst you should be able to control the battlefield from afar and keep the aggro off you while you pick off enemies. Like you said we’ll need the guardian rank skills back to really test it out but I’ll be curious to hear how you go with your idea man


Great to hear man, it’s an endgame build that is something to look forward to for sure. Grinding for the gear can take some time but it’s worth it for the result.
Nah the spreadsheet was made by someone else, might have been a community effort I’d imagine. It’s a great resource that’ll save you time if you’re looking for any drops :slight_smile:

Have you tried this build solo on Slaughter Shaft TVHM MM4?

Been trying this out. Needs an anointed killer weapon to take them out fast. If they spawn one at a time it is pretty easy to take them out with gamma maggie, if 2 or more anointed spawn need to take them out faster otherwise you will get overwhelm.

How far did you get?

Maybe a Hellwalker Gamma burst? Lol,

Yeah it’s been working well, red fang builds tend to help a lot in the arenas and the dps potential of the build makes melting through waves pretty straightforward

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Try the fire linoge if you’re having issues with anointed enemies, the Maggie’s work just fine for me with the on ase Fire bonus but a good linoge will melt anointeds with ease


Awesome video, thanks, I’m looking forward to trying this out. I don’t have nearly all of the pieces (Xbox) but I’m willing to try anything that gets me away from that annoying jabber screaming in my ear every 2 seconds. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

I’m curious though, you said Dead Man’s Hand isn’t working. It works for me, I’ve been using it for a while, though my current build has Lick the Wounds, so I rarely have to revive myself. Did something break recently? Or is this just a PS4 issue?

Anywho, thanks for sharing this, I can finally lock up my jabber. I hope the skag isn’t as annoying.

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Thanks for the info, and video…

In a few days (maybe weeks, months…) after I’ve finished collecting for my current build, I might try this out.

Moor Linoge - corrosive + fire are ideal for hardened enemies… I use melee Ammo steal near the end of a round - when there are not too many enemies about - so I can use different anointments rather than ammo regen…

So far I’ve got to the 4th wave of round 2… (takes hours) mostly my issue is now finding the right shield with the right perks. So difficult to farm, but essential for hard content with FL4K…

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tested it for about 1 hour on m4 instead of the "gammavore " i came up by myself

i guess i stick to your build from now on :smiley:
thx :slight_smile:

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Thanks Talzar, glad you liked the build. I realise the gear grind can be a long one but it’s something to aim for and look forward to when you do get what you need for it! The skagg’s pet bonuses are incredible when combined with barbaric yawp, 45% weapon damage is huge for a build like this.
Yeah it’s strange, as of the big patch guardian rank skills are down for most people eg cant aim down sights in mayhem 4. Whether this is a bug that only affects Mayhem 4 I’m not too sure but we’ll see a fix for it in the next patch

You’ll enjoy the build when you get around to trying it man, it’s lots of fun to play. I recommend the stop gap for tough mobs like slaughter shaft, that invincibility can be the difference between getting a clearing enemies and going down while you wait for gamma burst to reset. Worth a try it you haven’t used it yet

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I have a question.

In the video, you mentioned ‘grinding for good Bekah’, how do you exactly do that?

I love Bekah, and I’d really like to get a better version of it because my current one has no anoint and bad scope, but as far as I know, Bekah is 1 per character mission item?

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