FL4K GammaVore God Build - Mayhem 4 Build

Great question man, definitely could have elaborated more on that in my video but I what I was referring to was getting up to the point where you’re about to complete the last hunt for hammerlock then saving your game (before killing the last hunt enemy), then making a copy of your safe file onto a USB. After you’ve done that you load into the game and kill the last enemy, check which bekah you get in the mail and then send it to your co op mule (if you have a second controller) otherwise mail it to a friend, then quit out of the game and copy your previous save file from your USB back over to the system storage. This lets you kill the last hunt enemy again and gives you a chance at a differnt bekah. Rinse and repeat until you get the one you’re looking for

Thanks for the reply!

I will definitely try that method once I level up my 2nd character to 50.

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So a sniper version of this won’t work at least until Overkill comes back.

Tried SS M3 with a Monocle and Muckamuck both with Gamma Burst anointments but Badass’ took too many shots to down, it would have been embarrassing on M4.

My COM has weapon damage and assault rifle damage. I can see the power of the Bekah though and the potential it has. Mine has +50% Corrosive on ASE, so not the best as a main gun (will be farming another soon) but can definitely see how it could be viable on M4. My Maggie is just a strong stat unanointed version so I’m still on the lookout for that.

I have a Cryo Lucians Call with the Gamma Burst anointment, but don’t think it can be your full time damage dealer. With the AR and weapon damage from Com, I still wasn’t killing things quick enough on M3. It’s a handy weapon to have for the build though. I did have a Trevanator with 100% weapon damage on ASE, and that seems really powerful for the weapon between Gamma Bursts.

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Yeah makes sense man, the overkill bonus is clutch for snipers and launchers in particular I find. Your corrosive bekah would be really useful for the armoured enemies in SS I imagine, and would help you Vs the armoured bosses in the raid. Picking up a good anointed Maggie will help for sure :slight_smile:

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For survival you could try recharger+last stand combo. It helps to get out of sticky situations.

I tried this last night, still have a ton of good gear to get. I swear I had a lot, but for those specific anointments, or similar (+damage on ASE/During AS) I seem to be missing a large swatch of items.

I was only on M3, doing some farming in Lectra City, and I noticed that my skag was done to a sliver of health immediately. I’m not sure if this is a visual bug, because he would survive with a sliver of visible health, then immediately die once Gamma Burst ended. I had some trouble keeping the AS up, but that’s something I can work on. But compared to my Stalker build, the pet is very squishy for me right now.

I also noticed that you’re Guardian rank is multiples of mine, so the passives may have something to do with that. I’ll keep trying it or similar builds, as I get new gear and more ranks. I glanced at your pet-build video and will give it a good look over the break.

While the non-jabber pets are quieter, they are still too loud for my taste. I don’t mind them in battle, but any other time, ugg. I wish you could unequip them without respecing. But it might almost be worth the cost and time to do so whenever I set foot onto Sanctuary.

Anywho, keep up the great content.

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Pets cannot die while gamma bursted. They do, however, die after gamma burst has ended if they are not healed while in it. With the next application of Gamma Burst you revive them, though. But that increases your GB cooldown for the next time.

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Thanks, that makes sense. I wondered what was killing my pet after the fights. The pet-revive is a nice feature, but yes, I noticed the extended cooldown too.

I think the biggest challenge for me is M3 can spawn some terrible mods. If I get a bad mix of modifiers (-50% shock & radiation damage and non-rifles) then neither my pet nor I are doing much damage. The shotgun, shockgun, …(can’t remember its name, something about putting our heads together) is my best weapon for getting those tasty crits. But if the mods are against me, I’m not doing much with it. I know M4 is a hard because of the insane defense, but it feels more fair at time. But then I’ve only tackled Gigamind on M4.

I’ll keep grinding for better gear. Right now most all of my anointments are fear-based, but I don’t much synergy with them.

I hope they add a way to store multiple builds (ideally with weapons, but I’d be happy with just the skills) or make it easier to do a partial respec. I’d like to play around with my skills more, but it’s rather annoying having to wipe everything just because I want to swap two skills or change where I put my last point.

At least they made the jabber a bit quieter in the latest hot fix.

With this build cooldown is fast around 5 seconds for me and you can cast your gamma burst again before your pet ffyl runs out.

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True, this is an overall nice build on all ends.
I just need better items with ASE elemental dmg.

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I have now got a gamma Maggie and a 100% ASE Maggie in my loadout. That is a sweet combo…


Solo mayhem 4 Wotan fight going up tomorrow with this build, no tediore chucking/fadeaway/rakk annoint spam


I finally got my Red Fang (not ideal rolls on it) and I switched to this build. I really like the feel of how this works. Like Maya in BL2 it feels like you have better control over the battlefield. It also seems to do well against bosses which is nice. Of course I still have a ways to go before I will try M4. My base load out right is pretty good but no where near the gear that you showed.

But I am having fun with the set up!

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If you’re on PS4 let me know what rolls you’re looking for, I’m trying to get rid of some mods.

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Glad to hear you’re not enjoying it man! I was also a big maya fan in bl2 so I appreciated the control of the battlefield that the gammavore build gives you. Good luck on the gear grind, I find the slaughter shaft still gives me the most drops to this day so it’s a great farm on mayhem 4 if you’re able to do that otherwise mayhem 3 still has amazing drop rates

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Yeah just got all the gear together for this build and it claps been clutching out wutang runs with it.

Pro tip sub the non gamma burst Maggie out for any weapon with gain extra charge or rakk attack anointment. It’s glitched rn and will proc your ase grenade and shield if it’s switched too for about one second. If you get used to swapping you get 100% extra damage at all times. Also can be triggered while in ffyl which is great.

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soloed the wutang clan m4 first time no deaths, objectively the best fl4k build.

rakk anoint damage
100% ASE
50% ASE
50% ASE
Base damage = 100
Total Damage = Base Damage * 2 + Base Damage * 2 * (1/2) +Base Damage * 2 * (1/2)
Total Damage = 200 + 200 * .5 + 200 * .5 = 400 damage
(note that the 100% ASE applies multiplicatively before the shield and grenade anoints)

Gamma burst damage
65% ASE
50% ASE
50% ASE
15% skag damage
20% gamma burst damage
Base Damage = 100
New Base Damage = (100 + 100 * .2) + (100 + 100 * .2) * .15 = 138
Total Damage = New Base Damage +New Base Damage * .65 + New Base Damage * .5 + New Base Damage * .5 = 365.7

Damage Gained by moving from gamma burst build to rakk build = 9.37% percent.

So basically you get roughly 10% more damage with the rakk build, I argue the perma taunt is worth this damage loss. This being said you also lose damage in your class mod has garbage skills boosted.

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Not sure but the gb damage doesnt seem right…are you starting it with the ASE anoints? Otherwise the 65% is only available during; and taken out once ending, then the 50%'s are added; not all together. Theres more than a 9% difference; even moreso if the 100% ase is the rakk anoint rather than the generic ase annoint; to add for simplification, how long are you in gb for, how long between cooldowns (roughly, i know with headcount thos is severely shortened)

the gun damage is additive to base damage that comes from the skag
the 20% damage from gamma burst up is multiplicative
these two buffs give you your new base damage ASE anointments are coming on at the end additively, however the ASE 100% is multiplicative because it is in the same element original gun damage.

I simplified by using ASE 100% instead of rakk only one because I think it is better, more people use it and it makes maths easier. I also am assuming optimal gamma vore gameplay, this means using the gain additional charge of rakk attack anointment gun swap trick to trigger your shield and grenade ASE Damage during gamma burst. Also gammavore flak with the brainstormer can maintain 99% gamma burst uptime.

In short I do believe this to be accurate

on uptime basically the combination of brainstormer (multiple pelets, crits create tendrils which can also crit creating more tendrils), head count, and megavore, you can regen your action skill in about 5 seconds.