Fl4k got a com with a capstone point?

give to moze!!!
no more to say!
this is not fair :<

Oh look, Fl4k got a capstone point! A capstone that is widely regarded as bad as pre-update Dominance (well, maybe not that bad).

As a Fl4k main, I’m NOT excited at all for this com. Like, not even a little bit.

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Wow, nice catch. Weird.

i am not playing them
i dont care
but i want a moze com with TD or SF on it XDDDD

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Yeah well, maybe if those capstones you mentioned were as crappy as Fl4k’s here, then maybe they’d give it a point lol.

many people are bashing tentacious defense
it could definitely get one xDDDD

You may not always get happy players lol but I appreciate the effort thanks

well if it wasn’t for that massive cooldown it would be pretty good…why does it have a cooldown?

What? You don t want to try it with the rocket Jabber? :rofl:

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By the time it shoots the rocket and hits, the target that I’ve been shooting would have long been dead.

Don’t tease me. :frowning:

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I was thinking he would kill himself with the rocket but did not pay attention it was the “same enemy” well… this is sad indeed

If a COM gives a point to a capstone skill, is that skill even worth the minimum 26 skill points to get it?

thats my point
i wanna get TD without speccing into the tree :smiley:

Is this a sign Flak’s new tree is mostly useless?

There is few good things in there that I’m sure alot Fl4k mains would use but there is a bunch useless stuff in there tho as well.

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