FL4K Grim Reaper Rakk Build - Crazy Damage + Survivability [Mayhem 4 Build]

Showcasing my FL4K Grim Reaper Rakk Build made for Mayhem 4 which combines both insane damage output with survivability that is rarely seen on rakk builds and something I feel is really important in end game mayhem 4 content. As a long time fan of Rakk builds, i’m happy to bring you what I feel is a versatile and reliable build to use in end game Mayhem 4 :slight_smile:


Ha. I just got going on the gammavore build. Maybe at some point I will try this one too.


Glad to hear you’re trying out the builds man, the great thing is both are relatively similar in terms of skills so you can switch up the gear and action skill on the fly and have a different playstyle depending on what you feel like :slight_smile:


Made this today and only ran some m3 slaughter shaft. It felt really good, easy to use, etc. Only thing I’m really missing is the annoited brainstormer, and I’d like to try an annoited bekah on it. Overall a great build that is super fun to use

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Glad you’re enjoying it man, the brainstormer and bekah are definitely nice additions to the build so def try them out if you can grind for them

nice build again :slight_smile:

i am glad i got brainstormer gammaburst and a reduntant with 100ase

  • 3 maggies (ase gamma rakk)

so i can fully enjoy all of the guides you posted here :smiley:

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Great to hear Luke :slight_smile: those weapons are amazing in endgame. Nice job on getting all the variants you needed!

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yea thx to trades ^^ only “meta” fl4k weapon i droped by myself is the gammaburst brainstormer back in the mayhem on twitch week

do you already have plans for the st4kbot class mod ? when i saw it i thought it might fit a gitm playstile pretty well :slight_smile:

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Yeah man I’m looking forward to building with the new class mod, I’ve strayed away from fadeaway in the past as I felt it trivialised the game but I’ll be experimenting with the new class mods with each of flak’s different skill trees. While fadeaway gitm sounds amazing for st4kbot, I also feel gammavore set ups and rakk builds like my grim reaper which focus on crits have a lot of potential with it as well

i guess it depens on how much dmg we get per crit and how the stacking works…as far as i understood the discription we lose full bonus if we miss a bullet or just dont score a critical hit right?

anyway i rly like the “add new classmods to buff builds or enable playstiles” route they went in bl3 …but hopefully st4ck bot doesnt drop from a trialboss again ^^’

edit: its getting a bit off topic now maybe it would be better to write pms from now on :sweat_smile::v:

Idk what kind of testing u did but the rakk attack one does infact do more dmg than wpn dmg because its take 100%more dmg and not just 100%wpn dmg increase I was damn near 1 shotting enemies hit by my rakks on mayhem 4 before guardian ranks

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Been enjoying farming for the items for your builds so thank you for posting new ones!

Hopefully this isn’t as dumb of a question as it sounds but how did you farm your Bekah? The only place I can find to get it is from completing all hunts. Do you really have to reset all quests and redo the hunts?

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Tested the bonus 50% elemental damage applied on ase from shield and grenade Vs the dummy in the sanctuary. The 100% weapon damage on ASE from the Maggie buffed the elemental damage bonuses of the shield and grenade, while the 100% damage after rakk attack Maggie did not

Glad you’ve been enjoying the builds :slight_smile:
Yeah so because it’s the quest reward for the completing all of hammerlock’s legendary hunts, You’ll want to save just before completing the last mission and copy your save file to a USB. Complete the mission, check if you got the bekah you wanted, then copy your save file back from your USB to the system store and try again