FL4K Guardian Theory

Just had a thought, what if FL4K was a Guardian? It has been stated that their past is kinda mysterious plus their head looks similar to the center of the Overseer’s head.

Doesn’t really jive with Fl4k’s story Echo on Sanctuary.

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Yeah, that echo recording pretty much rules out them being a Guardian.

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Does it though? All that echo really seems to suggest is that he was some kind of servant, from what I remember. It doesn’t really say where that grand archivist fellow found him at does it? I could be remembering wrong of course, but it’s a cool theory and I kind of want it to be true now.

Being a servant kind of inherently opposes being a Guardian.

Not if there had been some kind of reprogramming at some point. Programming that seems to break with his sudden thirst for murder.

That’s what I was thinking, that they lost their memory or were reprogrammed or were a guardian that gained full consciousness. The echo doesn’t specify at all where or how they were created although there is some dialogue with BALEX that does specify they know their “full designation” number and that it has no meaning and thus simplified it to FL4K. This indicates that they do have some knowledge of their origins…but we still don’t know the full story.

No, we don’t. And out of the four PC’s in this game, Fl4k’s has the most potential for a really interesting back story.

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