FL4K Has an Interesting Anointment Synergy

If you get a Frozen Heart shield with the anointment “FL4K triggers a nova upon exiting Fade Away”, that nova actually gains the traits from your Frozen Heart. Which means: freeze nearby enemies instantly every time you exit Fade Away. Currently planning a build based around this effect.


That is very cool, thanks for sharing. I’ve been thinking about a cryo build with some of Aurelia’s stuff and flak


This shield essentially gives your Fade Away two options in battle: use it to retreat and reposition yourself, or use it to safely get in an enemy’s face in the heat of battle with safety. While your target is frozen, your pet can taunt the enemies who aren’t frozen with the augment Not My Circus, allowing you to focus your attention on shooting the critical spots on your frozen foe.

Throwing Hunter Seeker grenades and shooting Hive Rockets while in Fade Away gives you so many critical hits to a multitude of enemies that you don’t even have to aim most of the time, allowing for the ability to dish out tons of AoE destruction safely for ~22 seconds; no need for GITM here!

If you really need that extra damage against bosses, them after firing two Hive rockets, switch to an Unforgiven and chuck Hunter Seekers. The rockets and grenades will hit extremely hard.

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fl4k doesn’t have a ton of tanking skills or great ones so I’ve been looking for a more aggressive style fl4k and this might be a way to do it. What sucks is the lack of shield recharge skills to fill it back up.

But if you land enough crits with headcount there is potential to just go back into fade away…

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I found that having the booster effect on my shield, now that boosters are auto-pickup, combined with the Shield Reboot guardian rank skill keeps my shields active enough to keep me up until Fade Away becomes active again. Having 30% lifesteal after issuing an attack command helps tremendously, too.

Hunter Seeker grenades benefit from Megavore. You’d be surprised how much time you can shave off your action skill cooldown just by chucking a few of those guys from behind cover.

Wait that shield can also spawn with a booster? I have yet to see that either.

Now im way too excited, a farming I go

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I keep going back and forth, undecided between Frozen Heart and the Big Boom Blaster to keep my grenades and rockets topped off. While the Big Boom Blaster certainly keeps my ammunition relatively full at all times, the Frozen Heart is just way too much fun to pass up. I think having the anointment “regenerate one grenade upon action skill start” would make not using the Big Boom Blaster for grenade spam okay, but I do not have that anointment as of now. At least Leave No Trace can keep my rocket loaded as long as its in my hands.

This isn’t exclusive to the Frozen Heart - any shield that has that anointment will trigger a nova based on the shields elemental resistance. I have a Re-router that does the same thing actually.

I thought that was the case; thanks for clarifying!

Though the Frozen Heart is still special even when you compare it to shields with cryo resistance: the Frozen Heart guarantees a freeze instantly, whereas other cryo novas don’t.

I wanna know if the nova from a black hole will do a singularity with this if anointed for Amara phasegrasp. I doubt it. But. Twould be hilarious

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Big boom blaster and cloning chupas organ can keep a glass cannon build alive.

I guess you can “Cool down” the heat of the battle.

Ill leave.

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I’m gonna have to try this. Might convince me to re-do another fade away build. I Iove the hunter Seeker Grenades though. They have great use with a lot of builds for FL4K. I use them with my rakk build.

On a side note, I love how well every “on action skill end” Annointment works with rakk attack.