FL4K help! (harder for me than Moze...)

I have DLC 1/2/3/4 and so far really enjoy them. I don’t have DLC 5/6 and I’m currently not super excited about them.

I’m pretty much a n00b with limited treasure trove of super cool items.

I’ve been playing a lot of Moze and then went back to play FL4K in both case following the excellent build guides put together by the BL3 Discord community (Google Doc files).


  • 3-Tree “Iron Bear Moze” build is a cake walk in M10 with decent but not optimal equipment
  • 3-Tree “Gamma Burst/Fade Hybrid” FL4K is much harder on M10 with decent equipment - gun damage seems low

Would you guys recommend either:

  • Switch to a different FL4K build like “Fade Away”
  • Become a more skilled FL4K player (I’m bad at tracking procs)
  • Get better FL4K equipment (see below)

Current FL4K gear:

  • Reflux - URad (Surprisingly low damage even with best one I could find)
  • Crit - 200% ASE
  • Trevenator and Breath of the Dying with lame annoints1

Shield: Front Load - 50% ASE Corrosive
Artifact: The Pearl (reload/fire-rate)
Grenade: Mitosis Hunter-Seeker (lame annoint)
Mod: Red Fang (only +1 “He Bites” - haven’t found better)

Thank you for any help!

Well Moze has insane Mayhem scaling with certain skills, which is why the game can be so easy with her.

A Gamma Burst/URad build is capable of beating all of the content. I’d recommend getting better gear.

Reflux/URad is top gear for Fl4k. I have beaten GTD using that gun alone. However note that the damage comes from the corrosive links between enemies. So use it when there are groups of enemies, or when your action skill is on cooldown due to how easy it is the get crits to proc Head Count.

Crit is a good weapon, though URad annointment would be better as Fl4k had plenty of access to gun damage.

Trevonator is usable, but would not recommend the Breath of the Dying on Fl4k. You definitely want good annointments as they will make a huge difference in damage. URad, ASE 100% N2M, ASE 200% Splash, and Consecutive Hits are the best ones.

Other weapons I’d recommend:

  • Soulrender, Blood-Starved Beast, Sand Hawk, Beacon, Face-Puncher, Hellwalker, Clairvoyance, The Garcia, Skullmasher, Hellshock, Flipper, Complex Root, Lightshow, Anarchy, The Monarch, Plaguebearer, Backburner.

The Front Loader is fine for a URad build, though you can use a Deathless artifact instead and replace the Front Loader with a Radiation Old God shield. If you want to stick with the Front Loader, the Pearl is best.

Mitosis Hunter-Seeker is arguably the best grenade for Fl4k. However make sure you have the ASE 50% annointment.

For the Red Fang COM, more than the Skills are the 3 bonuses on the bottom of the COM are more important. AOE Damage as the 2nd or 3rd bonus on artifact (does not matter for the COM), Radiation damage, and a manufacture crit damage bonuses for 1 of your weapons would make a big difference.


Thank you for this help!

I wondered if this is more about Moze IB scaling than anything else!

I’ll definitely follow your advice and try to improve my gear a bit more - see if I can get my damage a bit higher. M10 FL4K survivability is a bit rough - I’m grateful my pet can revive me LOL!

Moze gets insane Mayhem scaling for IB and on a few of her skills in her skill tree. It allows here to kill well with weapons that would be mediocre on Fl4k.

Fl4k survivability also takes a bit of getting used to in comparison to other VH as Fl4k does not have life steal in his skill tree. For a Urad/Gamma Burst build, Red Fang taunt is one of the best options to avoid damage.

If you are still having issues with survival and need to keep URad, you can use the Deathless artifact with a Stop-Gap shield.

Here’s my Fl4k Gamma Burst Urad Deathless build. I call it “Fl4k the World.” It is light on gear and easy to understand the playstyle - just cast GB and go to work. Skill Calculator • Fl4k • BL3 | Lootlemon

Gear you will want (all Urad for weapons):

Plaguebearer in cryo if possible but any Urad PB is good.

Reflux (x14 if possible but x7 shoots for longer)

Light Show in kinetic (this gives you a weapon neutral to all resistances)

SMG or AR of choice (I like the Dark Army in cryo or the Soulrender but there are tons of choices)

Deathless artifact (Atom Balm prefix if you are a min-maxer but not at all necessary)

Red Fang COM (as many points in He Bites as possible)

Any shield you want. Amp shields are great, the Super Soldier is excellent, the Old God in radiation is excellent.

Hunter-Seeker with OGT anointment.

IMO this is the best GB build in the game, and I have tried them all. This will do both the Takedowns, no problem. If you want to use an ASE on your shield, spec out of Persistence Hunter and more into Go For the Eyes and spec Atomic Aroma instead of Endurance.


Also if your doing a hybrid fade/gamma build and if you capstone blue tree, you can ditch the red fang and run a cosmic stalker or bounty hunter and rely on dominance to draw agro.

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You know that you can reroll said

With the new machine right? I would suggest the OGT anoint for a Gamma Build. Other than that you have a good head start with the Reflux.

@tysonyar has a very solid post(and a solid build) if you are looking for a good foundation for a Gamma build.

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I have tested this extensively, and while it seems like this should be true, in practice I have not found this to be the case. Dominance draws some aggro, but usually you are killing things so quickly that the agro draw from Dominance does not even have time to work. That doesn’t mean Dominance is useless though. It’s just not the Red Fang.


Thank you for this recommendation! I’ll definitely try it out!


@frichard1 I now have all “perfect” anointed gear thanks to the reroll machine, but I play on Xbone and had nothing really even close to “perfect” gear for a long time. I like this build because the gear is really flexible - it works well with lots of different gear. The only anoints that are required are Urad and the OGT anoint for your grenade. I have some of my fastest MTD clear times with this build. Next to a Fade Away build, it is the second-best build of Fl4k’s for launcher spam IMO. You put on an amp shield and the Plaguebearer and everything dies really quickly.

It’s pretty amazing - not much even shoots at you between the Red Fang, Galactic Shadow, and how fast Fl4k is killing. The pet damage also is high due to PHOAS, Hive Mind, He Bites, and GFTE - the pet actually kills enemies on its own pretty often. If you want to go even deeper into pet damage, take Sic Em instead of TTAR in the green tree and watch your pet kill enemies too.


That’s only true for artifacts though. On COMs this bonus is not buggy and doesn’t give radius as a hidden bonus.


I forgot about that. Thanks for the reminder.

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Its not necessary but man it really makes those radiation explosions pop!


If you really wanna min-max, you want an Atom Balm Deathless with AOE, mag size, and either radiation or movement speed, and then you’ll also want crit damage and weapon damage on your COM. A perfect Red Fang would be +3 He Bites and +2 Ferocity in my eyes.

I love that build so much that it’s really the only way I can play Fl4k these days. It taps a little bit of everything that makes Fl4k great in my mind - there’s a lot of pet damage, there’s a lot of Fl4k damage (the 15/30% damage from the GHS, boosted by Barbaric Yawp, is more of a boost than most people give it credit for), and the aggro relief from the Red Fang allows you to take full advantage of an amp shield because it is almost never broken.


I didn’t math it out. But I think the Scorcher does more that the GHS as it is almost always a better boost to your dmg.
GHS gives v1 which is already there aplenty:-)


I’m having a lot of fun with this build on any content, even Hemovorous has been quite easy.

Class mods is a Bounty Hunter.

I’ve been trying different shields but my Stop-gap with ASE radiation damage has been impossible to substitute, it gives way too much survivability. Bonus points if it has Health boosters as a modifier.

Grenade: Hunter-Seeker ASE corrosive damage, possibly mitosis or recurring.

Relic: Pearl of ineffable knowledge or a good Otto idol.


Hellwalker with ASE 100% damage or consecutive hits (if not using the pearl). My favourite weapon hands down. Go into fade away and shoot point blank, anything dies in 2-4 shots.

Monarch with consecutive hits, possibly a X2 one. Melts any boss in seconds and recharges fade away in a heartbeat.

Reflux, consecutive hits or bonus damage of any kind, for tight groups. Also recharges fade away quite quickly.

Plaguebearer with 200% splash or any damage anointment. Go into fade away, throw 4/5 Hunter-seekers and start bombarding. Everything will die and your magazine will keep refilling.

As for gameplay: keep going into fade away as often as possible, keep on the move for positioning and kill as fast as possible.
I have little problems staying alive. Stop gap gives you the chance to regenerate health or run away and the pet revives you in case you are unable to. Plus if you cycle fade away often enough the pet will keep aggro a lot.

Spiderant is better for damage but I find it horrible and love my skag too much to unequip it :grin:

@derwitte The health regen of the Scorcher is useless on a Deathless build because obviously no health. So there is one bonus you do not get. I also have always felt like the Scorcher dies more often too, and even though your pet supposedly is immortal during GB, sometimes it does still die. The GHS seems to be more tanky but perhaps I am imagining that.

I have tried the Scorcher but I just don’t seem to like it as much. That could just be my personal preference though - I feel certain you probably are correct that a 30% elemental damage boost wins out via the maths.

The second-best (but still really competitive) option IMO is to spec Sic Em instead of TTAR in the green tree and spec fully into GFTE and Ferocity (take all the points out of Persistence Hunter) and use the Spiderant Countess - this lets you take advantage of aspects of @boombumr’s Killer Queen build, and it is a quite effective strategy to incorporate.

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Yeah, I was specifically talking about dmg here. Pretty sure Scorcher wins out.
The hp regen is sth I consider a goodie on top. After all, it is dmg I am after. :slight_smile:

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@derwitte Yeah I will freely admit my lack of math focus. I try to understand the general principles at work and pick as much from each different damage bucket as I can. I just don’t really feel the difference between the Scorcher and the GHS, but it seems like it should be there based on what I do know about the math. Sometimes I find that the math is not all that matters either - sometimes it depends on how the build is played as well as the math.

Anyway, I guess this is me trying to justify why I like the GHS better as a pet for the build and maybe there just really is no objective reason - just personal preference LOL. It wouldn’t be the first time I was not totally rational. :rofl:


@derwitte Plus the skag is badass! That counts for something right? :wink::rofl: