FL4K help! (harder for me than Moze...)

It sure does! :slight_smile:

Especially, because …

… it’s a freakin video game! Having fun > being rational!


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I run a Deathless Fl4k and use the Spiderant Scorcher for my pet. It’s true that it is useless for Fl4k, but with a point in All My BFF’s, it turns the Scorcher into a Sherman tank😀 The 33% of the 3% health regen may not seem like much but it makes a huge difference in pet survivability. A friend and I sat and watched M11 final stage Warden doing his two handed slam over and over on my Scorcher last night and this was after she came out of GB. The health bar would drop a little bit but her bar would regen to full before the next slam. Warden ended up committing suicide (thanks to He Bites!) and she still had a full health bar. The only reliable way for my Scorcher to go down is exploding barrels and that’s generally my fault. Nice to be able to take advantage of the 30% elemental damage and still have a pet that can face tank.

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@cobby2828 If you are running a Deathless build, obviously Fl4k has no healing needs. You should be getting pet health regen via Shared Spirit if you are doing a Deathless build.

I guess you still might be able to use the Scorcher’s health regen to translate that Fl4k healing and still get the healing via BFFs on a Deathless build, I have never tried that but based on what you said above, I guess it must work. I may have to try it although I typically focus on Fl4k damage and so I get plenty of pet healing through SS.

I am not arguing with your post - what I am really asking is why you are spec’ing BFFs on a Deathless build for the purpose of pet healing when you can get much greater pet healing values via Shared Spirit? And of course the cooldown on GB is pretty low via Head Count and ETI so they stay immune to damage a lot of the time anyway.

My point allocation/choices are always at a premium in a Deathless build. Points are at a premium because you have to grab points from green, blue, and orange and it is tough to get everything you need. So this is why I personally have never really considered even taking BFFs on a Deathless build.

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Fl4k is my go-to character when playing co-op with my friends. I know it’s not much, but I like to be able to offer the party a little bit of passive health regen. I originally was specced into SS but found I could get by just fine with BFF’s while also helping the party a little.

Compared to your skill breakdown, I took a point out of Overclocked for BFF’s and the three points you have in HM and SS I have in Pack Tactics for the damage boost.

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Unfortunately, BFFs is only relevant if you play with other Fl4ks. Moze, Amara, and Zane have so much life steal and/or health regen that anything Fl4k shares via BFFs really is irrelevant. It shouldn’t be, because the healing/support concept is good. The issue is that it’s just really not needed by the other VHs.

But I do hear your point. I believe the skill is like Maya’s Sustenance? Maybe I am remembering the wrong skill name, it’s been a while. The only issue is this was a great party benefit in BL2 - not so much in BL3 because all but Fl4k have life steal or health regen or both.


Just replying to update my mini-build post above, I wanted to update it to talk about the more complete new shield and gear testing I did. The Infernal Wish is presently hands-down the best shield to run with the GB Urad Deathless build. Make sure you are using as many single-pellet weapons as possible to maximize the benefit of the Infernal Wish. I swapped the Light Show for a Free Radical, but I think I have decided to keep the Reflux for the utility and damage combo. So here’s what I am running now, same skill tree (Skill Calculator • Fl4k • BL3 | Lootlemon):


-Free Radical (the Light Show is still really great)
-Redistributor (in cryo), Soulrender (cryo), Smog (kinetic), Dark Army ++ (cryo), Crit, Clairvoyance, Hail

*Literally any powerful or high fire rate weapon is going to be fantastic with the Infernal Wish (better if both of course).


-Infernal Wish (I honestly am not sure what the best anointment and passive rolls for it would be, I have a ASE shock version with shield boosters that I just happened to find; I am thinking you would want ASE cryo and max shield boosters as a perfect roll? The shield boosters are constantly going off because of the Infernal Wish special effect but somehow doesn’t proc Elemental Projector?)

-Mitosis Hunter-Seeker in radiation with OGT anoint

-Red Fang (+3 He Bites, +2 Ferocity), crit damage, weapon damage, splash damage, reload speed, fire rate, mag size are all good passives; you really just want crit damage and weapon damage

-Atom Balm Deathless, must have AOE, other good passives are mag size, movement speed, radiation damage, weapon type damage


@tysonyar Your build and gear look solid and if you’re having fun with the Infernal Wish that’s all one can ask for.

But if I may suggest something here, I’d consider ditching TTaR as it’s conditional gun dmg for Pack Tactics which is non-conditional v1dmg that buffs everything from guns to grenades, slams etc. The health bonus goes to waste but the dmg increase should be noticable.
And while you are at it, take Dominance for accidental aggro relief; one point from Second Intention allows for it. And the reload speed missing should not mean too too much.
Just some thoughts though. Have fun with what floats your boat. :slight_smile:


@derwitte I have tried it both of the ways you suggested. I feel like Dominance is just redundant with the Red Fang. You can play around with the points from TTAR and put them elsewhere, but the other places to put them frankly are not that good. When you are standing still, TTAR is enough of a damage boost to be able to tell, and the damage reduction is not much but it’s something. Pack Tactics is fine but the gun damage isn’t that great, Dominance is fine too although IIRC you can’t get Dominance, Megavore, and Lick The Wounds (but it’s been a while since I tweaked it to see), and I have already pretty much maxed out all the relevant skills from the red/orange tree (other than Two Fang, and you already get that effect more consistently from the Infernal Wish). So there are some points you could move based on preference but IMO they don’t make a ton of difference to the build.

The main issue with my version of the build is you kind of want to get Shared Spirit for the damage reduction. But honestly, you don’t really have to in order for the build to work. If you really want to make a difference in the build, instead of going down the blue tree to SS, you can stop at Frenzy and invest the points in the green tree to try to max out Hidden Machine. That seems like it should be better, but in my testing it has performed basically the same for my playstyle. Maybe some better players would technically be able to get more out if that build.

Either way the build has more than enough damage for any content in the game and also has a ton of survival.

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Sorry, you are perfectly right: It is redundant with Red Fang.
I got my second Covid shot yesterday and should’ve kept quiet. Still a little fuzzy today.

PT is v1 dmg though. That I still remember even through the fog in my head. :slight_smile: