Fl4k ION Cannon Build [M4] - Takedown capable

So I’ve seen a lot of people saying that the ION Cannon is unusable/useless/etc since the nerf to it. Especially when it comes to Fl4k people say you cannot do a build with it. So I want to share this build to show a very viable way to play with the ION Cannon on Fl4k.

First I’m going to say yes this build is using Terror because it’s the way I prefer to go about solving this issue but there are several other ways. First you can use things like a Hunter Seeker/Hex and LNT and even use a Fadeaway build instead of Rakk and do just fine (I did that method first of all and confirm I could do SS MH4 with it). The next way is by utilizing a Cutpurse. You need either Cutpurse-Rocketboots or Cutpurse-Launchpad. I would prefer the Rocketboots because sliding around to get ammo is much more fluid then looking for a place to slam. But the Launchpad is perhaps easier since one slam will fill entire backpack.

The build can work for both mobbing and bossing. I’ve done a lot of SS and Takedown with it and for example spent the last 2 days using it to kill Tyrene.

I will do a bit of a write-up and I will also link some videos. The first video will be an in-depth explanation of the build and some Slaughter Shaft(m4) gameplay. Then I will also link a Wotan kill and also a full Takedown run. As a bonus I will link a video that shows how to 1-shot Fabricator without even shooting him by abusing Overkill+Hollowpoint


Click here for Skill Tree

Hive Mind and Pack Tactics points can be comfortably spent anywhere else you prefer.

If you have questions about my skill choices I highly recommend to watch the build video explanation it’s only about 5-6 minutes explaining my choices.



For Terror regen the ION Cannons should have a base mag of 16 for most fluid gameplay. I’ve made it work with a cannon that had a base mag as small as 10 using a +40% and +24% mag boost. 16 is what feels best as a minimum in my opinion. You want them to be Annexed for sure. Depending which pet you will choose you want either element or not. I make use of the Scorcher so I main a Flame ION and use Shock/Corrosive ones for places like the raid. If you want to use a Skag you can main a non-elemental. But I definitely recommend switching to Scorcher and use Shock/Corrosive for a fight like Wotan.


So you can use basically any class mod you want I prefer the Friend-Bot but when I go for a boss or something I might switch to a Dead-eye but I did run the build also with Stalker and with Bounty-Hunter and all worked just fine. The big thing you want to have is passives with +splash/aoe/or heavy. The next passive that will be very useful always for Fl4k is +hp regen, and a +magsize will make the play more fluid for Terror regen.


You can use any artifact. You want Otto Idol or Victory Rush for sure. For prefix I like Snowdrift and Last Stand. The important part here is passives. For Terror regen +40% magsize is a must even with 16 base mag in order for fluid gameplay. +aoe/splash/heavy is the next preference. Other then that it’s w/e.

Shield / Grenade

The most important thing for the Terror build is +ammo regen on shield and +apply terror on ASE for nade. Shield / nade choices are your preference I like a Re-charger and a Quasar.


Build explanation and SS gameplay

Full Takedown run

Just a Wotan kill - This was my very first try against Wotan with the build

1-shotting Fabricator without shooting it


That’s pretty cool I’m glad the damage is still comparable to the lump, definitely higher on impact.
I know you love then Ion cannons though.

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Well, thanks for your thorough write-up. I never got very good terror gear (lucky you have both Re-charger and Quasar terror anoints! ) A Cutpurse as an alternative shield for ammo regen would give less survivability and damage so I suppose I’ll just keep my ION Cannon for FFYL purposes for now. Dang thing shoots so slow :cry: