FL4K is Not a Beastmaster (long rant)

Now that I’m thinking about a couple things I want to bring up.

  1. Rakk. I know this is more a pet build topic but these guys do some pretty good work of their own and I feel should be included talking about the beastmaster theme. They’re still way over shadowed by Fade Away, but so is everything.
  2. Anointed gear. There are some great anointed bonuses for the Rakk and Gamma Burst that can really help add punch to beast builds. 50% damage bonus for being hit by a Rakk is kind of crazy. Nothing Fade Away gets is that good from what I’ve seen.
  3. Class Mods. None of them boost Frenzy which is just missed potential for Pet builds.

Oh yeah, Hunter is my go-to build. Master is garbage and Stalker is so ridiculously broken that I find it no fun to play whatsoever.

The rakks have issues of their own, mostly familiar to anyone who played Mordecai, but they’re pretty solid. The restriction to being either fire or cold means they suck hard against shields, but that’s made up by their low cooldown and the fact that they can be used for health leeching.

With a good Hunter build, some decent health regen, and the tier 3 spiderant… Fl4k’s alright. It’s not a bad time, it gets the job done while still having some pet interaction.

Fade Away still blows Hunter out of the water damage-wise on big targets, but… it blows everything out of the water damage-wise on big targets.

I agree that the lack of boosted Frenzy is a critical issue, as I think it’s the best-designed and highest-functioning single talent in the Master tree.


I wont lie, despite how crud the Master tree is atm, I still do use it. I am stubborn and refuse to change that, and it can be hard af sometimes, but I still manage


I can respect that. For me, Hunter is just a compromise between Master and Stalker. I would much rather be playing Master, but Hunter with a good sniper rifle and a Masher is just a smoother experience for me.

Though, in all honesty, it’s been a few days since I played for more than ten or twenty minutes at a time. Hunter is a cushier ride, but I can’t say I care enough about it to invest in fully optimizing the build.


I agree with your post, for the most part. I think these comparisons aren’t quite right though. All of the other vault hunters with “pets” had them as their action skill. FL4K has a pet and then has an action skill. If his pet was doing more damage it would make his master tree as broken as his stalker tree. His pets could use buffs though. His master tree should have a “badass” capstone. Where the action skill causes his pet to become bigger, stronger, etc. I don’t know. They built him weird and I agree, he isn’t REALLY a beastmaster.


I gave up on fl4k when i noticed early that the pet damage in master tree was subpar. They really missed the mark on the pet class


I had planned on playing FL4K second after I finish my Moze, and I was planning to play FL4K as a Beastmaster since I was a Gaige pet tree main in Borderlands 2, but hearing how lackluster the FL4K pet build is currently, I think I’m going to wait and hope for some buffs. Shame too, I was really looking forward to playing FL4K next.

With my current build Fl4k’s pet does decent in true vault hunter, but it stiill takes forever to kill weak mobs at times. I dont want a pet that is gonna wipe everything since its out all the time, but if you purposely gimp your own character to build up your pet the end result should be a companion that can kill things at a steady rate. In a room of ten decently strong enemies you will likely kill 9/10 yourself while your pet mamages to kill one and that is a problem. The rate should be more even or at least close, that pet should be able to at least take down four enemies in that kind of scenario. Despite how challenging a pet build can be though, ive played with this same build through the entire game and managed even on M3. The game is still relatively new, so I have hopes gearbox will make changes where needed


I admire your dedication, keep fighting the good fight.

The only thing I would add is that I, personally, don’t mind a pet that steamrolls while mobbing. I felt Wilhelm and Gaige had the best balance here, as their bots could demolish groups but you had to help them. You had to guide them, you had to debuff enemies for them, you had to build very specifically for that task.

That, to me, is what a beastmaster should be. Yes, a lot of the damage is coming from the pet, but the master pays in reduced personal damage (as you pointed out)and has to coordinate that pet’s damage and survival effectively. It remains an active playstyle that requires skill and knowledge to successfully execute while still letting pet enthusiasts achieve some kind of mechanical viability.


If you look at the skill tree, the pets are secondary to the main skill on each tier. While their title is beast master, they still maintain the blueprint of a vault hunter. That’s the whole point of what I’ve been saying. I’m at level 23 now and rely on the main action skill and use the pet as a secondary helper.

I do agree that some changes need to be made but so far they are minor. Fl4k is a beast with or without their minions.

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I couldn’t agree more. Lets.do hope that proper changes are made and the pet tree becomss viable


What does this even mean? What kind of point do you think you’re making here?

No, Fl4k is beast without minions, specifically. That’s the whole point of this thread.


The point here though is that the pet focused tree isnt viable at the moment. If your gonna spend your points to build up your pet, which consequently gimps your own performance, the end result should be a decently strong pet. The pet shouldn’t be super strong right off the bat, but if you make a dedicated build around it which the game offers the illusion that you can, it should be effective. The fact that is isn’t limits builds for Fl4k and forces you to have to go with what everyone else is doing, effectively making him less diverse in terms of effective builds than the other hunters. Do you understand now?


I can see that and I do agree. But some people want the pets to be too strong and get frustrated that Fl4k isn’t a true beast master.

My point earlier is about the vault hunter. There is a blueprint that each must follow. So the designers come up with ideas how to make different classes but still follow the blueprint. And you can see the point of emphasis on the action skill since the pets are secondary. Example: in the hunter skill tree, rakk attack is the main action skill. The pet is secondary. Now, what I agree with that is being said is that the pets need some buffing to help make them more viable.

… bro. No.

Gamma Burst is the main action skill of the Master skill tree, the rakks are in Hunter.

The main action skill of the Master skill tree is devoted exclusively to buffing their pet.


Exactly what im saying. All they need is a buff to their scaling and maybe making the master tree a little stronger. In a game like this with a class that has important pets, they should definitely be able to fight decently along side you so long as your built around them


I have not played Fl4k, but this offhand comment is the pure unadulterated truth to this Kubrick fan. +500 prestige points for that.


Well stalker has buffs to the pet as well. I fixed the slip up in my previous post.

I will definitely see that more when I get into TVHM. But even with Amara, it gets frustrating when you’re playing mayhem level 3.

Guardian rank and the the proper gear help out tremendously lol

True that. Mayhem 3 can be brutal as hell, but honestly its a blast. I love a good challenge lol

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