Fl4k is not dead/Endgame Build/Solo and Team/Tank/Gamma Burst Build

We know Fl4k has taken a beating as far as the nerf bat goes. It has hurt his crit build. It is still a good boss killing build but lost a lot of luster in some of the endgame content such as Proving Grounds and Circle of Slaughter.

I have been working on a build here and still have a lot of Optimizing but I am able to solo Proving Grounds with out any issues. Here is a link for those who would like to see in action.

For those who can only read. This build is concentrating on 2 trees Stalker and Master. It gives you the player the damage you need while making your pet a tank to take damage and pull aggro off from you if solo and team if playing as a group. You will also help keep the team topped off on health.

Link to my skills

First off must have mod is Red Fang. If you have that you can start running this build. This is what makes your pet Taunt and take agro. Any mod that gives more area damage or gun damage is great and also if it gives points into Power Inside, Hidden Machine, or Barbaric Yelp bonus for your damage.

Beast and Action Skill Set up
Great Horn Skag-Gives 5% Damage 10% Gun Damage Gets boosted to 15% damage and 30% Gun Damage from Barbaric yelp base.

Gamma Burst with Atomic Aroma modifier and Endurance. This helps extend time and spread Radation damage to get bigger chain effects.

As far as why I picked the skills I did. Any health or health regen skill is needed to keep your pet alive. So you need to pack these skill in. Loose your tank and you start to hurt on this build. Personal damage is greater then pet damage. Currently in Mayhem 3 Pet damage is bad So after I got my pet tanky putting as much effort to maximizing my damage. This helps kill quicker and gives health to the pet.

Guns to look for
Getting any of the meta guns with Anointed Perk, Gamma Burst gives 65% more damage while up to weapon. You gain 65% more damage this is huge with how long you can Keep Gamma Burst up and running. Guns like Lucians Call, Rohan’s Call, Ludya’s, Flakker, Night Hawkin with that perk are great. Plus many others

Shields/ Anything that gives health Regen or Action skill cool downs. Movement speed. I am still playing with it. Damage boost drops.

Artifacts. I would say anything that starts with Atom Balm or Elemental Projector with Victory Rush or Otto Idol. As far as stats Action skill cooldown, Area or Effect Damage, Gun Damage, Movement Speed, Grenade Damage, Radiation Damage, Magazine size.

This is not a finalized build video I Posted. I am still looking for Iteams.

Better Class Mod Gives better Skills and better additional Perks.
Either a Atom Balm Victory Rush or Elemental Projector Victory Rush.

These guns with Gamma Burst Gives 65% damage while active.
Cocky Flakker
Lucian Call
Rohan’s Call
Ludya sniper rifle
Night Hawkin

If anyone can help me once I min max the build I will post another video in hopes to do 5 mins or less Proving Grounds.

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Got the proper video up guys so feel free to watch listen and give me feed back to make a better build.

I’m glad to see red fang being more popular in builds now. That thing is seriously crazy for mobbing as your pet can’t die in gamma burst. I sacrificed the power inside to go down hunter tree just far enough to get the scorcher for even more hp regen and ele damage. The BY buff seriously made those bonuses pretty crazy.

For shields I would suggest an annointed (with cd rate) multivitamin red suit or band of sitorak. The low capacity on those shields with quick recharge means you can more often take advantage of the topped off perk in guardian ranks.

I have really thought about using the Scorcher. So hard to give up a 50% damage buff. I I will have to do some testing with it through. Ya I need to find a nice anointed CD rate multivitamin or sitorak. I do like those ideas. I really think this build can keep up to some of those top builds if I get the right gear.

For me personally I don’t like power inside for gamma burst as I feel it synergizes better with rakks instead as you can keep it up 100% of the time there. 15 sec is not even half the length of gamma burst with endurance so I might as well get a permanent 30% elemental multiplicative increase from the scorcher.

Also I feel the spiderant seems tankier than the skag and for this build you need the pet to stay alive during gamma burst downtime.

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That spec down the master tree is perfect!

Burst Aid is actually pretty good for healing in places like SS and PG. Acting as a healing pool to run back and forth to. Im also not a fan of Power Inside for GB as its not a great up time ratio IMO, and so i actually like to go Hunter and Master. Using Megavore to help deal more damage and reduce cool down. My Red Fang also happen to drop with a juicy +45% Jakobs crit damage. I paired that with a anointed GB Jakobs scatter gun, and its very fun for mobs.

Also do GB Anointed guns drop the least for anyone else?

Slaughterstar and Slaughtershaft are the most popular end-game contents atm.
This build can surely make fl4k more tanky and mobile.
However, without perks on hunter, He wouldn’t be able to kill badasses fast enough that will eventually be surrounded by tons of them.
Of course, when all the weapons have gamma burst anointed option, they can destroy the enemy.
but if the build only works when it’s with the perfect loadout, I would just go for other builds.

I see nothing wrong with building around anointed weapons at this point. Even purples from the vending machine can get you where you need to be.

I am finding I am not having much trouble on Proving grounds with my HP so Burst Aid does not help the pet much. As far as the Hunter Tree I have tried going down that but once you play with friends the damage incoming on the pet is too much without the extra health and healing from stalker.
I have changed my build up a little and am able to squeeze a little more damage out. Between pack Tactics 2 and Hidden Machine 3 that is 40% damage and as long as you are moving around your pet everything will stay aggroed during Gamma burst. Then turn tail and run and The fast and Furryous ad another 50% gun damage which is fl4ks main source of damage so that is pretty big. And this is an easy source of damage and consistent for me. The extra 50% is a bonus. Vs the Hunter tree, you need to activate kill skills to keep it up. I think there is potential for more damage because of the crit synergy but your pet I think will be dead more often than not. If I get a chance I will try it through and see how it works.

I will go test this out on Slaughter Shaft and see how it works. Put a video up in a few hours. And my build is far from optimized considering the only Gamma burst weapon I have is not that great.

I’ve also had a lot of trouble not relying on dumping health skills in stalker, just to keep from dying over and over. I wish there was a little more flexibility so we could trying and build damage along with pet damage

2.5 health regen is nice for keeping health topped off between combat, but in combat Who Rescued Who pulls all the weight for your pet. Burst Aid is for you more so then it is for your pet.

Any updates to this build or is it still good to go on TVHM M3?

Billient this build still works pretty good for M3. I still have success with it. And with the pet health buff by 50% I will probably be putting another video up on this build again. Just have been busy with other things.

I appreciate the reply. I’ve messed around some and managed to get Red Fang and Flakker (finally) just to see the weapons get nerfed. However, I have a Cryo Night Hawkin to go with him. Think pairing a Nuclear Jericho would be decent with him?

I have played with Nuclear Jerico really not that strong. Night hawkin, lucians call, ROhans call, Pestilence all seem like strong weapons. Cross roads but not sure how it is after the nerf