Fl4k is so close to being perfect imo

That gamma burst annointment buff legit made a gamma burst build viable and imo the best in terms of dmg and survivability, he has multiple r4kk attack builds that are dope. Has great fade away builds. Few things I want is for number 1 fix stackbot lol its sooooo buggy and 2 pet dmg needs a major buff and dominance needs some sort of change.
I’ve said multiple times if they made domination count the enemy as a pet and granted it pet buff bonuses it would be dope OR if u dominate a human crit dmg is increased by 50% if u dominate a animal elemental dmg is increased by 80-100% and robot would be gun dmg increased by 80-100 as well. Something like that or just flat out increases pet dmg by 100%but base pet dmg needs a increase. I would love it if we could get a build where epet honestly does all the work lol.
Small thing did like is the first health/health regen skill in green tree to be increased on the regen side think it should easily be 1% a point or atleast .8% also kinda think scorcher ant should be 15%elemental instead of 10. Anyway enjoy your day

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If it wasn’t for st4kbot and headcount being glitched Fl4k would be perfect imo, st4kbot is fun the current limitations are not.
I will admit I’m more comfortable with my pets than most, and tbh buffing the scorcher would be too much.


He still has a fair number of lingering problems.

Skills and COMs that don’t work properly: Cosmic stalker CMOD, big game, hunter’s eye interaction. Bounty hunter now doesn’t trigger most dangerous game on non-badass/named enemies. St4ckbot’s issues.

Questionably/inconsistent working skills: Hidden Machine, Galactic Shadow

Pet issues: Poor AI, low pet damage, several ineffective skills devoted to the pet within various trees (ferocity, sic’em, go for the eyes)

Bugged action skills: Enemies still target FL4K in fade away, body shots in fade away does not award proper crit damage.

Dominance needs rework.

I’m probably missing more

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The bounty hunter thing is perfectly fine though it’s not really a issue they meant to change it like that it wasnt a bug at all

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I also already mentioned the pet issues to rementioning then doesnt do much. Go for the eyes would be great if pet dmg in general was better because I could see it doing sick dmg with the 1 mod that increases dmg by 35% and it comes with that skill already

If so, it was a stealth nerf, and I’m suprised more people aren’t upset. The description of the CMOD is now inaccurate and misleading. And nowhere in any patch note did it mention the change. It’s like they didn’t want people to find out, or they thought we wouldn’t find out.

You can give the pets all the damage in the world, but they are a dumb buggy mess. The commands aren’t executed in a timely fashion if so at all. I’ve had the jabber kill himself with the rocket because he was too dumb and fired it next to a rock which was between him and the enemy. I’ve had pets just stop attacking the enemy for no reason at all and walk toward me. The whole Pet AI would have to be redone to make them useful.

Sadly they have stealth nerfed multiple things. Remember the amara phasezerker nerf that wasnt mentioned anywhere :frowning:

Do you have video of this? I’d like to see that as a gif.

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Lol dude.

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The buff to the Gamma Burst anointment is good but I still think that it falls behind when compared to short action skills. Adding ASE damage from grenades and shields is huge and the fact that Gamma Burst can’t proc them often is a problem IMO.

Yea but u realise it’s a 115% over having 50 of 2 dif elements. Also this makes elemental projector builds for fl4k AMAZING

Also the best build for it u really only have it on CD for like 3 or 4 seconds lol cuz brainstormer cutting is silly

Switch to a rakk attack anointed weapon (gain extra charge) to proc the ASE effect from the shields/grenades, then switch back to your main weapon (which is probably gamma burst annointment). Enjoy huge damage!

Is that an exploit that is available right now? Switching to a plus Rak anoint weapon and then continue on your merry way with Gamma Burst?


You can also accomplish this by aiming gamma burst in the sky it won’t gamma burst but it will activate ur ASE anointments. If you don’t wanna use up a weapon slot.

Will this work if Gamma Burst is already active?

No it will not

You can fake cast or switch to a +1 rakk weapon but those are dumb. Need anointments that are on action skill trigger