Fl4k Jakobs builds

I’ve been looking for a good Jakobs Fl4k build and found a few online, all have the same core abilities, but with a few interesting outliers. I was wondering if anyone had used any of the following builds, and what you thought of them. I tend to favour shotguns for my Jakobs builds, but would never say no to some pistol or sniper use.

Galactic Fl4k

Stagecoach Fl4k

Deputy Fl4k

Not incredibly familiar with YT builds lol

Gunboy has been a fan favorite for a while now.

I rock a Jakobs FL4K… not going to suffer a Youtube video to see a build, but here’s mine as captured in the stills below.

I don’t think there’s anything unique about it other than the pet selection, and frankly, I often respec and rebuild FL4K exactly the same but not select a pet. This way, I can use Fade Away as an actual stealth mechanism to sneak around maps to engage enemies from unique vantage points (rooftops being my favorite). The Unseen Threat comes in to play here, and my goal when doing this with any given mob is to clear them out without any of them ever turning red on my minimap. I do think it’s possible to do this with other rifles, but frankly just haven’t tried yet.

Otherwise, the Scorcher in this case is mostly used as a distraction… my other two FL4Ks are way more focused on actual pet kills.

Out of curiosity, why no points in Leave No Trace or Head Count? Maybe I’m missing something lol


I’m loathe to use skills that are chance based, and these are multiplied by the crit chances too (though they are certainly higher when aiming properly, some other skills fire, or in Fade Away; this is just not enough for my taste). Leave No Trace is neat for stuff like the One Pump Chump if you want do dump that thing repeatedly during a Guerillas in the Mist-fueled Fade Away, for example. For Head Count, I find his cooldown rate pretty good already.

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