Fl4k Leave No Trace +4/5 Class Mod?

Is it possible to obtain a Fl4k Epic Class mod with +4/5 in Leave No Trace? The highest I’ve seen is +3 and that was once.

3 point skills can only be boosted by a maximum of 3 points.

Thanks. For skills with 5 points, are there +5 point class mods? Or do they only go up to 4

Supposedly +5 mods exist but I have yet to come across them. Each class mod comes with a maximum of 5 bonus points though, so a +5 class mod would only boost 1 skill.

I remember in BL2, there was +6 class mods. I remember using that with a fleet rough rider Maya for the super speed.

Yeah, blue class mods could go up to +6 on one skill and +5 on the other in BL2 and TPS

Often a blue mod was more desirable than a purple which boosted 3 skills (+5, +4, +4) because of that, especially on skills with exponential increase per point like Absolute Advantage.

epics cant have more than +4 in total, legendary can even have 1x at +5, but for Fl4K highest I saw so far after dozens and dozens of hours was a +4 tw0 fang but its not worth it was like 45% chance, I guess a +5 would be like 50%, best would be +2 in tw0 fang and +3 in the fast and the furryous, which I was lucky enough to find it and with stats gun dmg and magazine size lol, but +5 in fast and furrryous would be cool dont know if even exists, but having a bit of tw0 fang boost is really worth it, not +5 though

I just remember +110% speed. I could jump the car gap. You can bet that I farmed the “go from claptraps place all the way the eridium blight” to get those skins.

I would think you could get some huge dps with 50% extra projectile especially if you go with fadeaway guerillas

idk man its only +25% multiplicative damage, seems not that great :smiley:

Im pretty sure epics can go to +5 hell i had that on some amara class mod and dropped it because the skill was T1

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I believe the +25% is on top of normal crit, so with megavore for 20% crit and leave no trace for ammo, and a good torgue shotgun/flakker/butcher you would be doing a ton if you can hit their crit box

its literally multiplied with everything else in the game as it literally spawns additional pellets out of thin air. Although its only +25% multiplicative when your weapon shoots 1 pellet per shot, its a lot less on shotguns for example.

Then maybe a kings call or maggie? King/queens call would also seem really good

ummm maggie is literally a x6 weapon, so just no. better consideration would be one pump chump or unforgiven. Or you know the damn best weapon in the game Lyuda. Hell that thing is broken rn…

I’m confused what you mean by x6. All I know is that maggie was really good in BL2 because extra damage wasnt distributed like it was on shotugns

uhmm wasnt it? Maybe theres something to that but that sounds really weird. Maggie always has 6 pellets its effectively a shotgun in a form of a revolver. So two fang wound just add one more pellet sometimes making it a x7 instead, which is a negligible increase compared to anything that shoots only one pellet and then two fang doubles that amount.

Fair enough. I’m pretty inexperienced so I’m jsut taking what I know from BL2 and applying it to BL3. I just saw on wiki picture that BL3 maggie also has massive weapon damage reduction (like 80%) so really not viable. I know for sure that extra damage wasn’t’ distributed though. That’s why the Bee was so good with guns like maggie, dpuh, and sandhawk.

But thats the thing, maggie wasnt in that group of weapons as it has its pellets listed on the card of the weapon. So it would be exactly the same as any shotgun. Dpuh and sandhawk both head cards that showed only one pellet but when shot the weapon actually had more pellets. In this group you also have stuff like Bekah, Lyuda, pimpernel. All have additional pellets that are unlisted.

Yea seems I was wrong about maggie. I guess I misremembered how the cards worked. Back to twofang though, If you had a lyuda, would it fire another projectile that splits into 3?