Fl4k looks fun! What edition should I go for?

So I’m seeing gameplay on Fl4k and he looks super fun! Should I buy the deluxe edition? I’m liking Fl4k and the Siren who’s name I can’t remember. I saw her gameplay first and she was amazing. I liked borderlands 2. I love looter shooters and after seeing Fl4k’s gameplay mixed with the Siren’s I’m actually pretty excited to play.


Personally, I don’t think anything above the base edition is worth it unless you really love the skins that come with them. Here are the deluxe edition packs

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I actually really like the retro cosmetic pack and gearbox cosmetic pack.

Well then good news for you, for just a few dollars more you’ll get them and an exp/loot boost relic

Diamond Loot Chest Collector’s Edition. lol

Wish you got them for free if you just grinded! Haha.

I hope it comes with in-game currency that won’t buy me anything! Laughing my ass off!

You also need to remember that anyone buying the Super Deluxe version also gets a season pass for the first 3 DLC packs released, plus a bonus of some kind.

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Don’t you know? In online games now glamour and cosmetics are the true endgame ;3