FL4K Master Skill Tree and Pet Interactions | Gamma Burst Bug

Hey everyone, hope guys are doing well today.

I just want to share some things about the Master Skill tree of FL4K. I’m a big fan of FL4K’s pet build and I’m always looking to improve with, may it be itemization wise or skills investment. It’s fun and engaging to play but there’s a lot of issues that should be fixed to make it even better.

  • Gamma Burst is bugged right now, the bugged exist around using it to revive the pets. As said on the Gamma Burst description, it will double the action skill cooldown upon using it as a revival mechanic. The thing is, the doubling of cooldown doesn’t only happen once. It will also happen on the next Gamma Burst even if your pet is not down, making it somehow permanent. This makes the Gamma Burst build annoying because of this bugged mechanic.

  • Barbaric Yawp - This skill should get more attention, this should also affect pets(even Rakks), gaining passives bonuses and hunt skills. The only reason right now to invest on this skill is the Gun Damage(Great Horned Skag) or Elemental Damage(Spiderant Scorcher). It doesn’t even increase the primary passive of pets, i.e. Damage 5% from Skag.

  • Rakk should also be considered as a pet instead of an action skill or grenade, correct me if I’m wrong on this. The weird part on this skill is the interaction with the class mod Rakk Commander. Since Frenzy skill is on the class mod, shouldn’t this be a good reason to make Rakk? I mean Frenzy increases FL4K’s and Pet’s Damage.

  • Pets Damage, I can see what Gearbox’ goal with DE4DEYE and Go For The Eyes! I think their goal with this is to kill an enemy instantly with the critical damage and 35% increase in damage together. But this isn’t happening now due to the pet’s damage being low. Maybe they should increase the Pet’s Based damage or the Damage Bonus from Ferocity.

  • Interaction of He Bites , Hive Mind, Mutated Defense and Shared Spirit.

  1. Does the He Bites works pre-mitigation? Let’s say your pet was damage for 100, does it return 15% of 100? or will the defense kick-in first before triggering the reflect? Because on my testing, it doesn’t feel like it’s working pre-mitigation.
  2. Does Hive Mind shared damage to pet also procs He Bites reflects?
  3. Mutated Defense should only be activated while pet is not on Gamma Burst, because it’s pretty useless since your pet is invulnerable(undying) while on Gamma Burst State.
  4. Shared Spirit , does this skill also interact with He Bites?

There’s a lot of things to look into to make a decent pet build, I mean most of the people who started with FL4K wants a decent pet build. FL4K’s title is even Beastmaster, right now I don’t think that title is working well for FL4K.

I hope Gearbox look into these skills, there are other skills that I haven’t mentioned but I feel like focusing on this first will improve pet builds.

Frenzy increases all types of Fl4k’s Damage, including Action Skill Damage, so it does boost Rakks. Rakks also get scaled with Splash Damage as well, so Frenzy might even affect them twice.

They certainly should increase Spiderant’s and Skag’s base damage, I think a lot of people agree with that