FL4K Mayhem 3 Pet Build (video)

Hey guys. Here is a video where I go over a pet build for Mayhem 3. A lot of builds that you focus around your pet struggle, but this one allows you to do enormous damage, while keeping the pet alive. There are also some really interesting interactions between Red Fang and the Stalker tree. Let me know what you think.

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But so many players report hidden machine not working many times were you are not the target

I wasn’t aware of that. Even so, you will be getting over 200% damage when your abilities proc, so it’s still viable from a damage perspective.

Edit: you can probably substitute overclocked

Have you tried this solo in slaughter shaft? Also the power inside is only active 1/3 of the time gb is active.

Only briefly until my team mates left the game… it was definitely better than any other pet builds. I wouldn’t let difficulty in slaughter shaft deter you from using a build though, I struggle with everything in there

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