Fl4k - Nerd Fact

During the story on promethia Fl4k says “I have no mouth and I must vomit.” Apparently someone at Gearbox is a Harlan Ellison fan. That is a take on his short story “I have no mouth and I must scream” ( written in 1967. ) Among his many sci-fi credits is he wrote the only 2 episodes of Star Trek not writen by Gene Rodenbery ( Trouble with Tribbles and City on the edge of forever. ) Huge cudos to Gearbox for throwing in a homage to one of my favorite scifi authors.


Met the man, RIP, for about 2 minutes a good 20 minutes ago. All I can remember is thanking him for any consulting work he did on Babylon 5 as well as his writing career.

Like dreaming of electric sheep, it’s a prolific enough reference that one could use it or recognize it without actually knowing or being a fan of the source.

This was also mentioned as some people’s favorite quote too! And the darkness of that story can be sickening…