Fl4k nerf on moze

The 2 sec cool down on the Means of Destruction was only supposed to affect grenade regen, however it is a ALSO affecting ammo regen WTF. PLEASE FIX.

Did you submit a bug report?

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Doing so now, a lot of hoops.

does the procs share cooldown or do both have 2 sec cooldown independently?

Means of destructipn should only have 1 proc, since its one skill that does 2 things

So M.O.D. is on a 2 second cooldown after it activates, from activating again, so it limits both grenade and ammo regen

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It’s a single skill but the ammo/grenade procs are independent of each other. Ammo use procs the ammo regen, while using grenades procs the grenade regen. The hot fix notes specify that only the grenade portion was to be affected.

Well the patch says both, so i get what you mean

Personally i think it is a bug, so thank you for reporting it,

A bug or overlooked detail. The philosophy behind the change was to curtail grenade spam to promote more gun use. This change didn’t accomplish that at all, in fact I’m having to use more grenades now since I’m constantly running low on ammo.

I recommend testing the difference in offline mode for more insight on how big the impact is.

It wouldnt affect me a lot due to my poijt in redistribution