Fl4k nerfed. Now what?

So I’m late to the party (still not quite level 50) but I was applying points based on a build that seemed to lean heavily on GITM and LnT. It still seemed viable after GITM nerf but not so much after LnT.

Does anyone have any other interesting/good builds developed for Fl4k or are people just respec’ing out of LnT to better spend those points elsewhere but otherwise stick with the same build? Or are people just playing other classes now?

I don’t generally have a ton of time so don’t really want to waste time working on a class that is not going to develop into anything good/interesting by the end.

I was always planning on playing other classes, working on getting Moze to 50 rn, but I still go back to GitM Fl4k for farming gear off Graveward and sometimes the Rakk build just for a bit of fun.

The only thing Fl4k really struggles with, which he did before the nerfs any ways, is running the harder circles of slaughter. Mobbing is a lot less fun without LnT though.

I specced out of GitM a while back. Mainly due to just wanting to try different things with Fl4k. My carpal tunnel problems also play a part.

I like rakks better than I did GitM. The versatility of damage types and being able to add health Regen to the skill is amazing.

In my opinion, LNT had little impact on a fight unless I was using a One Pump Chump or Fingerbiter for boss fights. Using the legendary Gatling gun did better for me in FA than anything else though. Mouthpiece is dropping it until Tuesday, so you might be able to get one.

Rakks are 200% better for mobbing in my opinion. They blow Varkids out of the sky easily and keep me from wearing my hands out trying to target stuff.

Give it a shot if you want. The boss fights last 20 seconds longer if you miss with your first clip. Otherwise there’s very little difference in times to kill.

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The duration nerf to GITM hurt fl4ks survivability as well.

WIth barbaric yaulp buff, I am having a ton of fun with master. Solo clearing slaughters on mayhem 3, etc.

Tanky pet that very rarely ever dies, good personal mobbing damage. I am more than happy.

Thanks for the responses. I did see that flak attack thread from Gypsy and just switched to that so will see how it goes!

Sorry to say…I really detest & hate seeing any headline…"______Got Nerfed"…as if one ability, skill, part got a nerf has made X-Character totally unplayable. As with any other character in any other game…you adapt & change. And frankly when you look at Fl4k, he’s probably got more options than the other three combined in terms of build ideas.

Besides…as GB said, they want everyone to use All The Skill Trees…not make characters into “Cookie-Cutter Builds”…….if changing one passive out 37 has causes a meltdown…God help everyone…

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It’s not that he’s unplayable without LnT, it’s that they want to encourage build diversity, but they made the skill almost useless. Thus limiting build diversity more.

GiTM nerf was fine and i still use it sometimes, but LnT has almost no reason to ever be speces into now


There’s a difference between a regular nerf and a change that renders a skill a waste of points. With the 2 second cooldown, pretty much any other skill beats LNT in terms of benefit for the skill points spent. And as for that “use all the skill trees” argument, that holds up like soggy toilet paper when you consider the fact that there are skills that aren’t working/don’t work as advertised/are rendered useless by other game features that are still going unfixed. Even if they’re being fixed in the big upcoming patch, that doesn’t really justify the nerfing going on in hotfixes because the proportion of nerfing to buffing is off in a way that is obviously hurting player enjoyment. Hell, I know I’m putting the endgame on hold until things settle a bit. Tired of farming for equipment when my build’s synergy could be shattered tomorrow and render some degree of that time wasted.