Fl4k no pet bug when joining friend's world

I am facing a terribly frustrating bug that doesn’t allow me to have my pet when I join someone else’s world, typically my friend’s. When I play on my world, everything works fine.

I don’t want to solve the problem just forcing them to join my world because I have some internet problems and I don’t want them to lose the progress of the mission.

I am level 53 and I have always used the jabber. Switching pets, going to sanctuary, doing a respec and using the main ability all have failed to “spawn” the pet. I cannot even see the attack command next to the icon of the ability.

EDIT: a new Fl4k DOES NOT HAVE this issue. I can use it flawlessly, no matter the internet condition. It really is the character.

You have probably identified the problem, joining a friends game demands more of your internet connection. In game objects and actions not operating is generally down to data loss or sync issues, all things associated with an inconsistant internet connection.

If a more stable connection is not possible you will just have to be the host I’m afraid.

I don’t think it’s just a matter of network. Sooner or later the pet should appear, right? Even after switching multiple times, it doesn’t fix the issue.
Okay, recently the network is having some issues, but even when I check, packet loss is under 2% and ping ranges from 7 to 15ms. That doesn’t actually indicate a bad internet connection.

im having the same issue. it’s funny because before the 3/26 patch, it was fine. after the patch my pet doesn’t spawn in other peoples rooms.