FL4K nog head help

after 3 attempts i have yet to receive it from the quest. support is a pile of utter… i keep asking for the head to be sent to me or added to inventory but apparently they want to fix the quest and have me rerun it. they arent saying this directly but they keep doging my question saying its on the developers because they have access to the games code. too bad you dont need the games code to send a simple cosmetic thru the mail. its like they dont understand a simple request that falls with in their area of expertise. so i am here to see if anyone has an extra because apparently the community is more capable of support than 2k support itself…ridiculous

The nog mask is currently unobtainable in game for any character unfortunately. It may be patched in at a later date

ive seen videos of ppl being awarded it along with the nog potion. so its in the game and can simply be sent to me. a patch making it constantly work as indtended would make me have to make a 3rd fl4k, so i could care less about a patch at this point