FL4K not working properly


I started playing FL4K at the start as I do like to play any kind of a pet character in games I play. I play mainly on the Master tree because buffing my pets and making use of the pets is the main thing I love playing when playing pet classes, but here are few things I noticed that doesn’t seem to work at all.

1st. When using Gamma Burst it teleports your Skag on the group of enemies but instantly disables it, allowing you to start getting your cooldown back. This is highly frustrating. Specially as you have the artifact that buffs the radiation aura. Making this ability skill pretty much useless.

2nd. Spycho’s head on the stick needs to have an UI element that you know when it’s active.

Thank you and have a nice day.

Indeed I do have the augment on, that’s the issue here.

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The effect only lasts if you have the augment causing it to stay equipped. Otherwise it gives a quick blast, buffs the pet and disappears.

The issue is that I do have the augment. I’ve noticed that if I cast the rift on the enemy itself. There is a chanse of it disappearing instantly. Which is kinda counter productive when you’re supposed to cast where the enemy is to get that Initial burst of damage.

Tokesy97First-Sword of the Moderators | Discord Hypesquad | Internet Pariah Celebrity


So you’ve definitely got Burst Aid equipped? I know I paired it with the Radiation Aura, so I’m not even sure if the rift is meant to do lasting damage itself.

support ticket fill in one of these with as much detail as possible and hopefully they cna figure out the issue and get it sorted ASAP. You’re the first I’ve heard mention it though.

Thank you. I will. And indeed I do have it equipped as I stated before the issue mostlu is when I cast the gamma burst on the group of enemies proper.