Fl4k pet build - Questions

I’ve seen some people saying it’s good now, I can’t seem to make it work though. I’ve tried different pet without any success, the only one that did some damage is the fire spiderant when they drop their lava pool (if the enemy is kind enough to remain on it, it really wreck)

I’ve tried this build


With the hunter com (to proc hunter skill).

While there might be some minor ajustement to do, the pet is currently doing very poor damage, and its crap AI don’t help, someone managed it?

Pet is not good now if you use gamma burst the most the pet can do is tank for you if you use red fang otherwise better not to waste time on building for you pet. If you plan on doing a GB build only com you are going to need is red fang. I’d recommend Taking points out of mutated defense, shared spirit, and dominance(never waste a point on this skill) and throwing it into Head Count then taking all of the points out of two F4ang and throwing it into furious attack then take all the points out of go for eyes max out persistent hunter and dump the rest wherever then you good to go.

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That’s it. That’s the “pet build” now. Just toss Scorcher onto whatever spec you feel like and wait for her to make a puddle.


With enough splash and AoE bonuses, the Gunslinger AC can hit for a few million. But nothing really worth building around.