Fl4k pet build unplayable

Here i just posted a video of my flak gamma burst build, it does pretty good, but in certain situations like slaughter shaft it is terrible.

Sorry for the bad quality

Friendbot pet damage doesn’t work.

like its bugged?

Yes, the 20% doesn’t work at all. The only bonus you’re getting is the extra point in Psycho Head, which isn’t that much pet damage unless you go all in with a Big Game.

For a pet build, the only COM we have that works right now is the Deadeye. If you have one laying around with points in Fast and Furryous, try that. You’ll get much better results. With a few points in Go for the Eyes you should be able one shot basic mobs with your regular melee attacks, especially if you use Scorcher.

Ok ill try that. But at the end of the day, do we still think that the pet needs a buff?

Most certainly, especially in light of the recent Iron Bear hotfixes.

But pet builds should work adequately up to M3, even without going to splash damage route. Pets scaled way better from 50-57 than enemies did. Pet damage doubled over the 7 levels while enemy health increased by maybe 10%, so the pet does proportionally more damage at 57 than it did at 50. And I was using a build similar to yours at level 50, pet damage wasn’t that large of an issue for most enemies.

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This is a CoV (weapon) allegiance with Gamma Burst, Burst Aid, and either Endurance or Empathic Rage, depending on the strength/numbers of the enemies (though I do make an exception and let him have a weak Face Puncher for remote Dominations). I’ve been considering thinning these trees out to try to get to Big Game in the orange tree… we’ll see if there are more points available in future level expansions.

That’s about where the pets are now - even at MM2, I need to pitch in a lot (I say this with the Skag, too - apparently the Jabber (gunslinger) is stronger and the Spiderant… less do). I think you’ll find more people are interested in buffing pets a bit.

I’m in! I’ll let you know how it goes (and I’ll see how much I’m comfortable leaving the Skag to the dirty work… it’s rare that the Skag dies (I mean, Burst Aid can tank the Skag through gnawing on Wotan’s feet for as long as it’s active), but we’ll see.

Movement that consumes the attack command cooldown?

Red Fang works as advertised, no? (Which sounds like what @parklorenzo is after (a respite from combat while the pet takes over for a bit). Good to know that Friend Bot doesn’t work - never tested that as I rarely use it. Tr4iner works, though I get that few people seem to like the Dominate mechanic. I’ll also fire a T4mer if the modifiers are good. One of my other FL4K’s uses D4ADEYE COM for one-hit kills, though as I think about it, one for this CoV build would work well because the top 75% of their health would get this 35% damage bonus, and a Domination would wipe the remaining 25%. :thinking:

Yes. It’s a bit of a double edged sword, because this mechanic is what allows the spiderant to easily keep up with you even with 50% move speed, something the Jabber can’t do at all and the skag has a little bit of trouble with. While the damage is amazing for a pet, it is also a skill to teleport the pet around the field. It sucks that you can’t always control it, but I’m not sure that it’s a bug so much as an annoying feature.

It does, but as a pet damage COM it isn’t that great. It has no Red text effect for damage, no multipliers are boosted, and it doesn’t provide as much damage total as something like a Cosmic Stalker even without all the Hunt skills working.

I consider it to be more of a FL4K COM then a pet one at this point in the game.

Again check out abbyhour on YouTube for a good m4 viable build

Abby doesn’t have M4 pet builds. She has Gamma Burst builds for M4, but pet builds and Gamma builds are not the same (although they are very similar).

How are they that different? using the pet to help you out in combat using the blue tree pet buffs to boost you and your pets damage currently I’m running a gamma burst with the com that revives my pet on kill pets distracts and helps me kill them buffing me while my damage heals my pet sounds like you want a pet build where flak assists his pets in killing not the other way around

*edit: I worded that entire response wrong lol wasn’t ment to come across so aggressive sorry

When people made Gaige builds where DT was just a distraction, they didn’t call them pet builds. When people made Wilhelm builds without Rolling Thunder, they didn’t call them pet builds.

Pet build implies a build that in some way utilizes the pet to do damage, damage that is significant and noticeable. A build focused on buffing the pet’s passive buffs isn’t a pet build in the way we normally describe them in Borderlands.

Gamma builds are builds that focus on grabbing gun buffs and utilize the pet purely for distraction. Pet builds would focus more on pet damage buffs. Atomic Aroma instead of Emphatic Rage, Grim Harvest instead of Hunter’s Eye, Sic Em’ instead of Overclocked, etc…If you don’t ever care to see what damage your pet is doing, then you aren’t doing a pet build.

Yeah I just notice the ai spassing out half the time kinda thanking god I don’t rely on him that much lol

also from what I can tell I could be wrong but it seems like pet builds will never be viable in that way gearbox seem to take digital extremes approach to game play they want people to play not people to let the ai play for them making pets that useful would be problematic for balancing as there are people like with it’s piss grenade that would cheese ai fl4k builds


Piss is only 25%. How would that break anything?

Also, Clone Zane says hi.

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Oh I ment the original prenerf pipe bomb my bad lol tired sorry yeah but how good was clone zane before seein dead came around not suggesting it was bad but amara was considered op before that com even though zane had a clone build with listed weapons in the forum

Also mind you I do agree I hope the next hot fix comes with fl4k buffs

Double Barrel Zane didn’t get anything besides extra duration from Seein Dead. I’m pretty sure @flightx3aa had double barrel builds before M4. It’s only been getting better as more weapons have been buffed.

I thought seein dead buffed kill skills by 25% as well

tbh with you fl4ks pets need a huge damage buff like as big as mozes iron bear