Fl4k pet damage- Disappointing interactions

Some takeaways.

  1. Fl4k’s pets have four multiplicative modifiers: bonus damage (only on skags), elemental damage (only on spiderants), Go for the Eyes, and Sic Em. All the rest are additive, even if they are multiplicative to FL4K’s damage (Frenzy, Power Inside, Pack Tactics)
  2. Atomic Aroma and pet melee attacks don’t stack Frenzy in Gamma Burst, even though they scale off of pet damage.
  3. He Bites scales off of pet damage increases.
  4. All pets have the same base melee damage. Not sure about the jabber’s gun though.
  5. Cryo doesn’ boost pet melee damage.

I’m kind of upset with a lot of these. Atomic Aroma scales off of pet damage and Gamma Burst is the pet action skill, so that fact that neither stack frenzy is baffling to say the least. And cryo not buffing pet’s melee is completely nonsensical. I coud have sworn I saw it increasing my pet’s damage before so I’ll try to look at it again.

Whatever the case, I hope these get fixed soon. Thanks @DemoniteBL


That’s very disappointing hat atomic aroma doesn’t stack frenzy. He bites is basically a necessity now. Thanks for the video though