FL4K Pet petition for sit/stay button

Hey everyone!
Please comment and like and tag devs in to this! We need devs to allow all of us using FL4K builds to make our pets sit and wait out of the way whilst we look at loot. So many times my pet has pushed me aside whilst I’m looking at the guns stats! It’s frustrating and infuriating! Please help me help you guys! Let’s together with the power of the voice of many get the devs to make a hot fix and later patch to give us what we FL4K users know is needed now! Who’s with me!


Yes please! So many times my pet is off aggroing when I’m trying to pick up loot and recupe.

I’d like something like the following, within the framework of the UI and game:

  • Ability to set pet to Passive (never attacks), Defensive (only attacks if attacked), Guardian (attack if I’m attacked), Aggro (looks for meat).
  • Option to send a pet to a location or to recall the pet (heel).

Also, why does our pet move us out of the way? We should be able to move through each other. The Jabber seems to be the worst (but maybe that’s because I’ve used him the most).