Fl4k pet worthless during aurelia battle. Jabber

Ok. Having some severe issues with the jabber with the newest update. Dropping in auralia area, the pet does not follow down the shaft. I literally have to run to the rear of room where jakobs and hammerlock show during campaign after fight. 1/2 the time pet is completely inactive. Stands still. Anyone else? I didn’t invest a point for my pet to revive me for it to stand still. Nerf to your hearts content, we’ll find a way but literally rending my pet inactive during an encounter is a bit much. Check your patches much. Thought this was gearbox, not daybreak…

I want to say that 99% of the time your pet is useless

But yes it has some weird actions with following. If I play co-op with my GF my pet follows her and not me

Just wanted to point it out as it’s an issue and not working as intended. But i did keep footage of the QA staff in credits and if i see their names involved in any future projects… .im avoiding them

Patch Notes 1.03

  • Pets no longer push around player characters
  • “Touch Pet” prompt is now a lower priority and should no longer interfere with looting or vending machines

Does that work for you? My pet is still annoying me, when I am in front of any item to activate. ie chest, buttons…