FL4K pets "always on?"

So based on the fact that two of the characters have temporary summon robots, I’m thinking to differentiate the class, FL4K pets will be something you equip in your skill slot, and that is the always active pet which you don’t need to summon. Then using the skill, and modifying it, gives you an active skill as well. So Zane has two skills, FL4K has an always on skill and a usable. Everyone has something different, Amara having the most basic because she’s the most survivable.

Dude… have you looked at Zane’s skill trees? Amara having the best survivability is HIGHLY debatable. As for FL4K, I believe that we have seen them without their pet around in trailers and such (correct me if I’m wrong) and we have seen them activating a possible stealth skill. My guess is that they’ll just have two slots and you can choose to not summon a pet if your heart desires. The base pet will probably be the Skag and augments in that tree will probably modify it to be a different pet altogether such as the monkey with gun/Spiderant… I also believe that there will be skills in the tree which modify the pet you have similar to Gaige’s Deathtrap given how the Skag appears different in different screenshots.

At this point, we don’t know and can only speculate. I feel that having a permanent pet on the field would be either too OP or too annoying as I imagine it would function like an ally that could be downed. You’d probably have to pick them back up constantly at higher levels which would just make FL4K a frustrating character. I’mma stick with it being an Active ability.

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Having a permanent pet would definitely be annoying, not only by constantly having to revive it at high lvls, but also becuase it might charge ahead and start fights when you don’t want it to.


Zane has some control over the drone, can specifically target a mob, so I’m hoping FL4K will have some control over his pet(s).