Fl4k pets stats

I want to know if there is different stats for Fl4k pets. Like, for example, is the hp or damage of the Skag, Jabber or Spiderant are the same or not. And what about the different variation of the same pet, like Horned Skag and Eridium Skag? I currently use the Eridium Skag because it’s the last I unlocked so I think maybe he is stronger, but I don’t really know.
If those stats exist, where can I find them?

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I don’t think you can, which is a problem. I covered that in my Pet Issues video. It ya oils definitely help up figure out which pet is best for tanking

Thanks for your answer. Do you have a link To your video so I can watch it?

Here it is. Just a quick run down of some of the problems I’ve had with the pets. There are many more I could add haha