Fl4k PROBLEM after the Designer's cut. Please read

Hi, im a Flak main since the release and i always played with gamma burst and the while gamma is active annointment. But after the new patch and the designer’s cut , I have noticed some bad problems on Flak.
I will make a list for a clear message:

  1. “while gamma burst is active” annointment is bugged because is no longer applied to all your weapons with that annointment on them. I explain. Before when i activated Gamma burst i benefited from the annointment on the current equipped gun and also on the other if i decided to switch. Now this last passage is not possible because if you switch weapon during gamma you will lose the annointment and the bonus damage. I think this bug affects also SNTNL cryo 100% and ASA 200%. PLEASE FIX.

2)The skill “monkey do” in the new purple/violet tree has a strange working. In my opinion and by reading it i expected to receive a +70% damage based on the base damage of the weapon. For example if i normally shoot with an hellwalker to Jack on sanctuary i will hit for 3M of fire damage. With “monkey do” i will expect to do 3M fire + 70% , so around 5M fire. Insted right now the skill works like this, it trasform the 3M fire into elementless dmg and sum 70% (i think) and at the and of the day i will hit jack (that is a flesh target) for 1M of elementless dmg. An easy fix wuold be to not change the damage to an elementless type but just simple add the 70% more dmg. PLEASE FIX

3)In the coop mode Flak and gamma burst have several problem since day one, for example if i active gamma and then i do whatever during the cating animation my gamma just disappear. But now i don’ t want to focus on this because i discovered that the new skill in the purple/violet tree “Agility Training” does not prevent you the bonus reload speed in the coop mode, or at least not always.

These are the major problems that i discovered yesterday on my first day of playing the new dlc. Please try and confirm by youself. Thanks for reading until here and try to give visibility to this topic in order to make gearbox in condition to fix these bug.


Dude relax its a beta give it a year for the full game to come out.

Absolutely. They’ll fix everything in year 3, and we’ll get a new mode where you can only use melee and action skill. Hope they’ll call it Leg’s Race.


ASA has been this way since it was first introduced. Perhaps this is the intended functionality of the Gamma and SNTL anoints? Indeed it makes them far less useful if this is the case. I hope they fix all of them so that you can swap weapons and not lose the effects.