Fl4k purple tree mod 3RROR Cmdl3t

Does any1 have the issue that when it states that is suppose to target the enemy but it targets you. I’m using the rocket robot pet and it keeps on targeting me as the target for the barrage. is this a bug or is the 20% to hit enemy and 80% to hit you?


It effects every pet, and I didn’t read any of the text on it until last night (been using it for a few days) and Ive had this issue ever since putting it on.

It severely crippled my build, i was crushing M11 without much issue and finally became high enough level to equip it, i respected into the trap tree put on the mod and started having issues. I never once for the life of me read or even thought it might be a function of the class mod. I read it last night and was like, omg, i think IT IS the mod and that IT IS bugged and working wrong.

I switched to a different mod then got off for the night. Will definitely test the other mod today abs see if everything is working before the mod. I hope it’s a bug with the mod, because not only is he wasting his attack command on me and nothing else, he’s also not actively attacking anything else in between sending missile barrages at me… there’s no way that’s working as intended because it SEVERELY cripples any build around the pet doing anything. So half the skill tree becomes useless.

I had noticed the WAR Loader appeared to be launching missiles somewhat randomly. Unlike the other pets he falls so far behind that I don’t know what the heck the Loader is doing most of the time.

yes this is a very noticeable glitch, you can notice the model for the pet is struggling visually, likely its targeting is breaking and keeps trying to target enemies and you

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