Fl4k QOL requests!

I just finished the main story mode, reached max level and looking forward to another play through. But there are some issues that made playing as Fl4k a bit of a chore. These are just a few quality of life updates I’d like to see for the Fl4k.

  1. Pet Heel command. A command to force the pet to stay at the owner’s rear flank. This way they stay out of the players way when looting, playing slots, messing with vending machines or watching story scenes. Basically, any task that doesn’t involve combat. The pets current pathing behavior is super annoying to both Fl4k and other players.

  2. Stance Dance. An ability to set the attack behavior of the pet.

  • A fully passive stance, so a player can complete specific objectives or kill requirements without being trolled by their own pet.
  • A defensive Stance, to allow the player to play a ranged role without having a pet run into melee range of enemies, out of sight of the player and subsequently dying.
  • Current default stance – Pet will do whatever pet wants to do.
  1. Be able to play fetch with pet by tossing out a gun. Occasionally, the pet will eat it and ‘return’ it later.

Otherwise, this has been solid game and a ton of fun to play!

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I’m on board with 1 and 2. Not sure the purpose of 3

Pet does generally produce ammo and have had him drop a green gun before. No need for fetch when he pukes it for free!

but… purely for the fun factor. Toss a gun out, literally like you’re playing fetch. Something to do with the pet rather than just petting him. That’s all. :slight_smile:

I love your ideas though. Maybe the best option is since he already has a direct attack command, alter it a bit. So, if direct attack is to press and hold that button while directed at an enemy, doing it while not pointing at an enemy brings a wheel up instead . You get Heel/Stay Mode, Attack Mode, Defense mode.

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