Fl4k regen mechanics?

do we know how the regen sharing works yet? like if i have 1000 health and 10% regen am i giving teammates 5% regen of their max health or am i giving them a flat 50 hps (5% of my max health as regen given to them)? same with regen given to the pet.

We don’t know it yet, but as a is stated to share part of their total health regen, I would assume that it literally is part of the amount of health Fl4k regenerates. So, if Fl4k regens 100 health per second, the teammates regen up to half of that, so up to 50 health per second.

Yeah, I would assume that it is half of FL4K’s personal hp regen per second, rather than half the percentage of their own health. If that is the case, you’re going to want to get as many maximum health boosts as possible, rather it be from shields that boost max health or skills that boost max health.

Yeah. It’s pretty fitting that Fl4k is also the character with the second highest maximum health, so the personal regen is even better than sharing the relative percentage.