FL4K Run and Gun Build

Perk of this build is using action skill Fade Away (cloak) as much as possible with low cooldown (I’m sure there will be a class mod that reduces it even more) and crit everything while in Fade Away. https://borderlands.com/en-US/characters/fl4k#t=%22cbi__1___b__48___p__117127705-5_281565876-5_3876256157-5_2927115417-2_848128962-5_1474023286-3_2030200031-1_3579448174-4_1127977552-3_4162841610-3_1546991626-5_3024594450-3_1401085196-3_493978030-1___e__1618958551-2811446764_52532438-447597971_2011892216-2744910560_772024924-3793471331%22

Please use the FL4K builds topic, located here: Let's get some FL4K builds going!

Helps keep things tidy. :3
That said, looks good!