Fl4k’s missing pinky finger

Has anyone ever noticed that Fl4k has 5 fingers on their left hand, including half of a missing pinky finger, whereas their right hand only has 4 fingers?

Photo evidence of this is below. I just happened to be testing a Nova Berner with the “ASS” anoint, just to see how it worked. I immediately went into photo mode after casting Rakks to obtain these photos.

Like Face McShooty, I am “curious as to why” on this one.

Several shots of Fl4k’s left hand (clearly 4 fingers and a thumb with a pinky digit half-missing):




Image of Fl4k’s right hand (holding a weapon, it is tougher to see this one but you definitely can make out the 3 fingers and a thumb):


Also, how funny is it that Fl4k does the “rock on” hand sign to cast forth Rakks?!? “Rakk on” instead of “rock on,” possibly? :rofl:


It is complete in the cosplay guide

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Well I feel like a dummy! I searched the forums AND reddit and couldn’t find it. I guess I should have gone more basic than that. All I could find was people saying Fl4k had 8 fingers, which is not correct. LOL

It’s just a glove I guess, as in cosplay guide.

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Ah, now I see it. Even when I looked the first time, I didn’t notice the glove. Thanks for pointing that out. Not into cosplay so I doubt I would have looked at this!

No, you were right the first time. During one of the fade away animations, he shows the front and back of his hand. You can see that has only one phalange “bone” , or none at all ( I forget) . But yes, his 5th digit is incomplete.

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Supposedly there is a link between Fl4k and Zer0 both which are missing a finger.

When playing Fl4k and meeting Zer0 he states “you look familiar,…”


Lost fingers whilst training pets perhaps? :grin:

I’m surprised they could deal enough damage to remove half of a pinky lmao

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Level 2. Nvhm. No Mayhem mode :frowning:

Perhaps Mr Chew was a little less docile before being domesticated?? Lol

@palpabl_purpura I am not quite sure whether cosplay lore trumps game lore or vice versa. If I had not seen the cosplay guide, I obviously would have (and did) agree with you initially. But the devs created that cosplay guide (or I assume they did unless someone tells me otherwise), so I assume they did it purposefully and did not create a character feature for Fl4k that was different from the cosplay guide.

The pictures in question from the cosplay guide are below. I had to screenshot them because the page would not let me copy the pictures themselves, but you can still see fairly clearly that Fl4k has 3 fingers and a thumb in one picture, and appears to be wearing a human glove (which of course has a thumb and 4 fingers, including a pinky) on the left hand.

However, just in the spirit of contradicting myself - have you ever seen a glove without a pinky finger in it make a “rock on” symbol? Generally, if a finger is not inside the finger hole of a glove, that finger of the glove will tend to kind of flop around, especially if you are moving your hand around to cast Rakks like Fl4k does.

I feel certain the cosplay guide is what was intended by the devs to be canon, but Fl4k’s physical appearance appears to dictate otherwise.

EDIT: Looking at it closer, it appears the skin I was wearing when I took the pictures in photo mode kind of clouds the issue because of its design. It appears Fl4k is only wearing a glove on the left hand, and that it is one of those weird fingerless skateboarding gloves. LOL


:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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I wanted to say one more thing about the “missing pinky” thing with Fl4k. I was looking back at that cosplay guide and, upon reviewing it further, it appears to me that the cosplay guide does not clear up this question at all.

In the cosplay guide, all we see is the left hand covered by what appears to be a human glove. There is not a picture of Fl4k’s left hand WITHOUT the glove. So actually, it could be that Fl4k has any of the following;

  1. 3 fingers and a thumb on both left and right hand, but the glove on the left hand is making it look like Fl4k has a partially missing pinky finger; OR

  2. 3 fingers and a thumb on the right hand, and 4 fingers (including a partially missing pinky finger) and a thumb on the left hand.

Again, we can’t tell for certain from the cosplay guide or the pictures I took above which is the case. @palpabl_purpura pointed out that the FA animation where Fl4k looks at the left hand and it shows the “bones” (or “frame,” or whatever). I have never paid too much attention to that animation, so it’s possible that could shed some more light on this fascinating lore question. :rofl:

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Left hand has no 5th digit. The hooks over the hand are probably not part of the exoskeleton since they do not rotate with the hand.


Cool, good grab of that picture. Thanks for sharing. Guess we have what appears to be an answer now! :+1: