FL4K’s pets always in the way

Don’t know if this been posted and discussed somewhere else already.
But something needs to be done about the pets getting in your way, always.
At least have them passive behind me when not in combat. It’s fun playing as FL4K, so it would be nice to have this annoying thing fixed.
Loving the game though, having a ton of fun with everything else!


Is there any reason at all for the pets to have collision? I agree, they seem to be in the way a lot…

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There have been a number of threads on this. It’s definitely annoying to a lot of people.

All guest NPCs are always in the way…they just keep putting themselves straight between you and an ennemy…

I espescially hated BALEX’s first robot form…made that part of the story so tedious

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The spider ant seems to be the worst. She knocks my ass all over the place wanting me to pet her instead of picking up loot lol

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BALEX is one of my fav npcs haha.

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FL4K was my 1 character, I put him away and started another just because the pets have very bad AI, not only do they get in the way but they bump you away when you’re looking at stats etc.
another thing is the pet needs to haver added control.

for example, the pet should stay behind always and only attack when you command attack.
once the enemy you targeted to attack dies the pet should run behind you and stay there, not move to the next character, or run across the map to aggro an area you don’t want to explore yet.
Currently there is a cooldown on the attack command and that’s fine keep it, but also allow the attack command to be used if the cooldown is not finished for the default pet attack. once the cooldown special attack cooldown expires the pet automatically uses it.

I’m not touching FL4K until the way pets work is completely redesigned.
once I switched characters I’m having way more fun playing, and I can actually see what I’m shooting at…

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My FL4K pet doesn’t have collision and it never bumps me around. It just gets in the way when I’m trying to loot off the ground and sometimes it gets stuck as well as blocks my view of whatever I’m shooting at if it happens to be directly in front of her, otherwise I just walk right through her. Using the ant lion.

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I didnt really see a prob with the ai from the pets at all attack wise they where on the move attack resing me just fine .I loved that the pets where attacking something all the time as soon as one thing was dead it moves to the next.
I did see some bugs where they would get stuck when spawning but was a easy fix.
Only time i found the pet a pain was when playing slots the pet walks in front or in to u pushing u away .
I did have the pet push me off map and killed me before was checking out the art work and looking for hidden stuff .But was funny.
Still fl4k is my fav ch out of the 4 this time around.

Holy crap yes. I gave up on Earls vending machine (very underwhelming after lvl 50 when you have access to better gear)… so I’m blowing 1100+ Iridium at the slots. The number of times my Spiderant MUST push me around because it HAS to go directly in front of the machine and won’t path any other way is… to say the least annoying. Especially when it decides to park itself in front of the machine and just hang out there blocking my access - I get you want pets, but I’m busy xD

Was just about to come on here and make a thread on this myself… I know it’s a minor thing in the grand scheme of things that need to be fixed, but for the love of god it’s annoying when I am trying to either look at a weapons specs before I pick it up, or talk to someone, or play the slot machines etc… etc… and my pet just runs in front of me and starts pushing me off to the side… There has to be a quick fix for this…

I read that this issue will be fixed in today’s hot patch and update.

I thought that this was to be fixed 2 hot patches ago. The pet getting in the way appears to have gotten worse. I is always getting in front of me or pushing me when I am looking at loot and even sometimes when I am scoping with my sniper rifle. It gets in front of the loot and does not allow me to see it. It is always looking to get petted. I can at least tell my real pet to lay down when he is in the way. Please have this fixed as soon as possible. It is getting very frustrating.

Personally I’ve never had this issue, besides unloading on another player’s pet in the chaos of battle. Even when everyone else in the party is fl4k the pets dont get in my way. I havent played as fl4k yet though so I dont know what quirks come with having a pet follow you everywhere. I know watching my buddy’s Jabber lead the charge is both adorable and hilarious.

Every time I got to Athena’s with the guest npc following for story, she follows me under the stairs when I to get the chest and traps me so I have to fast travel lol.

I keep forgetting and do it every play through doh!

As for the pet I could not agree more.