FL4K Skills, Pets, Class Mods and Interactions: what could change

Hey! This is intended to be a collection FL4K Skills, Pets, Class mods and any interactions/mechanics that are in need of fixing or deserving of a change, be it because they are underperforming, not working in the correct/intended/implied way or just downright bugged. The end goal is discussing how these things can be changed (or fixed) and have suggestions displayed for each addressed topic. This way, i hope this becomes a welcome input from us FL4K players to Gearbox in regards to ongoing issues.

The method is: approach subpar skills, fundamentally broken concepts and interactions that seem great on paper yet perform in a subpar manner and provide suggestions and discussions on how they could be made into something that works. This means the input won’t come just from me, but also from the discussions that happen in the thread. Although there is a FL4K bug megathread, bugs will also be addressed here when appropriate.

Thanks to PsychicMoves, AscensionSociety, Firespirit11 and KeroZero360 for helping start the thread.

Thank you to @Prismatic for the assistance in formatting.

Special thanks to @plenipotence for helping and testing a miriad of things, and for being awesome.

This will be organized in the following manner:

1. PRIORITY CHANGES : Things that should be addressed with more urgency, due to being plagued by bugs, having interactions that don’t work properly or being just detrimental to gameplay. Jump to section

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Whatever has bugs, wrong values or other issues in it will have it listed by its side.


Fade Away, Hidden Machine and enemy aggro | Has BUG

  • A lot of enemies are perfectly tracking FL4K during Fade Away as if they weren’t invisible at all. It can be seen it on Striker Drones, Wotan, Kraken, Traunt, Death Spheres, Melee enemies in general, etc. They also tend to dodge shots like they know where FL4K is.

  • The above issue probably stems from the fact Fade Away either doesn’t drop aggro or force enemies to change/lose targets at all when activated, meaning that they’ll still be “targeting” FL4K. Even the enemies who shoot the spot you were at when turning invisible seem to count as “targeting FL4K”.

  • The whole issue also culminates on Hidden Machine not being applied to damage done during Fade Away unless you’re shooting taunted or non-aggroed enemies. Shooting taunted enemies is somewhat possible to do with certain Fade builds since it has the Not My Circus Augment (which has its own issues), but it requires very specific setups that can loop the cooldowns extremely fast. Shooting non-aggroed enemies almost never happens and it requires playing around a lot of spawns that only occur when you’re already very close to them, not to mention it being simply impossible in most harder fights.

  • At the end of the day, it simply makes no sense for it to work like this because since the skill makes FL4K invisible, enemies would be either searching for them or targeting the Pet (which some of them do, at least).

  • Fix/Suggestion
    Entering Fade Away should drop the “targeted” status completely. Fix enemies perfectly tracking and attacking FL4K while invisible. The non-aggroed status could remain for a small time after the skill ends so it feels more natural than seeing the world instantly doing a 180 and bursting FL4K down, while also helping setups that rely on delayed damage.

  • Video proof on the issues:
    Double behavior vs. Traunt (targets where FL4K was but summons the ice wall where FL4K is)
    Takedown Stinger Drones (locked on after FL4K was already invis and tracked)
    Hidden Machine trigger issue
    Hidden Machine trigger issue by @Spacerobots


Big Game, Interplanetary Stalker, Cosmic Stalker and Hunt Power | Has BUG

  • The Hunt Skill power coming from the Big Game skill and Cosmic Stalker’s class mod effect (25%) are not affecting the main “Damage” portion of Interplanetary Stalker.

  • A general build with 3/3 Big Game and 5/5 IS should get 39% Damage from IS. In reality, since the Hunt Power boost doesn’t apply to that portion of the skill, it stays at 30%.

  • If i’m using a Cosmic Stalker rolled for +3 Big Game +2 IS (resulting in 6/3 Big Game, 7/5 Interplanetary), i’ll be getting 42% Damage at three stacks instead of ~78%, it reaching 42% only due to the points that the class mod gives to IS.

  • All other Hunt Skills/Kill Skills seems to be working correctly in this regard, it’s just this weirdly specific portion of the arguably main Hunt Skill that is not receiving the benefit. This is dramatically holding back the potential of the Cosmic Stalker class mod, for example.

  • Another issue is that the pet damage added on the Hotfix that buffed pets was introduced in some Hunter Skills (like Furious Attack and Big game), but they don’t get any increase from Hunt Power boosts

  • Video proof on the issues:
    Interplanetary Stalker not benefitting from Hunt Power
    Pet Damage on Hunter Skills not benefitting from Hunt Power (by @boombumr) :
    Video 1
    Video 2
    Video 3


Hunter’s Eye values and Megavore crit interaction | Still has BUG and weirdnesses

  • This skill is a Hunt Skill, yet it’s not said to be one in its tooltip.

  • Crits on humans coming from Megavore do not get the crit bonus. I’ve also ran into cases of some human enemies simply not counting as humans for the skill’s boost.

  • @plenipotence Tested the Damage Reduction vs. Beasts, and it seems to no work against a big amount of the beast enemies. It does work vs. bosses when paired with a Bounty Hunter Class Mod.

  • Fix
    Megavore crits vs. humans should correctly get the boost, and some human enemies need to be confirmed as to if they really are falling into the human category of skill. Beast Enemies need a real check on their overall categorization for this skill.

  • Video proof for the issues:
    Human Crit bug
    Those enemies should all be hit for 3446 on a crit, but some of them do not receive the boost even on direct headshots (like Fervent Zealots, Badass Zealots and Evil Eye Zealots), suggesting they’re not categorized properly. When intentionally bodyshot for a Megavore proc, the boost doesn’t apply to any of the enemies, including the properly categorized ones. A Trainer immortality function was used to facilitate the testing in the video, and was confirmed to have made no difference in results.


Head Count | Has BUG

  • Head Count is currently not working at all for Rakk Attack.


St4ckbot | Has BUG

  • St4ckbot still resets from:
    Elemental DoTs from Pets
    Non-critical splash/Hollow Point Guardian Rank: Video 1 / Video 2 / Video 3
    Grenade damage: confirmed to reset, needs video.

  • Fix/Suggestion
    All these factors that currently reset it make no sense and are (mostly, some completely) uncontrollable. It’d be better if this was strictly related to our guns and wasn’t reset by this big amount of variables.

  • Suggestion by @darreltan2004
    The whole mechanic of the COM could be reworked to reward crit based gameplay - something similar to Zer0’s critical ascension. Perhaps the stacking mechanic is still the same - 1 per critical hit, max 100 stacks, 5% gun damage per stack. But after 5s of not scoring a critical hit, stacks decay at a rate of 1 stack per second. @Ratore: This would make it much more useful in general for other builds that don’t involve Fade Away (and even Fade builds too).


Health Regeneration and Survivability

  • FL4K does have decent to good survivability, but it has to be built around, which in concept is fine of course. However, this survivabil usually doesn’t come exactly from Health Regen stacking, but rather from pet taunts (Not My Circus being a very good yet buggy one, Red Fang being the excellent one) paired with the regen and careful play. The current problem with Health Regen are the low values that end up requiring heavy investment to make it noticeable.

  • The low numbers makes the the fact that some damage skills have their functionality tied to your current HP a bit questionable. While it’s definitely something that can work and reward you for it, the current regen numbers are quite a bit on the low side, enough to make these skills sometimes feel like unnecessarily conditional buffs tied to the subpar regen numbers.

  • The lifesteal route is something that isn’t really needed (at least right now), but i’ve seen people requesting it and it’s not for entirely unfounded reasons. A skill with lifesteal poses some danger in skill tree build variety depending on where it’s placed, but it would be better than nothing.

  • Suggestion 1
    Regen skills across the board could use a big buff. Regeneration could be introduced in some other skills for a better spread for different builds.

  • Suggestion 2
    Who Rescued Who could have lifesteal going both ways, alongside with the 2% regen given by the pet damage. This means pet damage would lifesteal for you and give regen, while you would lifesteal for the pet.


  • Pet behavior problems currently means they are extremely unreliable for stacking Frenzy, and this includes even the ranged ones. Sometimes (more often than not) Pets just don’t attack, get stuck searching a target, or hang way back (probably stuck) until they finally decide to do something. Attack commands do not help with this, because they also tend to bug out pet actions or are slow and weird in execution.

  • Only taunt effects paired with a point in He Bites can reliably stack this in a very consistent manner, and mostly Red Fang’s effect, because the Fade Away augment has a very weird activation system that sometimes bugs out the pets even more, although it does accomplish this function well too.

  • Melee Pets face a lot of issues for stacking: their AI + survival issues + melee range requirement often mean they won’t be able to stack much at all before FL4K has already killed the enemy. While they do have ranged attacks, they occur at a very slow rate. Gunslinger Jabber has a great advantage at stacking, which is however offset by its endless search for barrels to interrupt the stacking and also get killed in the process.

  • The skill duration is way too short, only getting tolerable with a class mod giving +3 to Big Game, and even then, you can have a full fight with a lot of enemies and manage to lose all of your stacks because of Pet issues.

  • Trying to stack this properly on Rakk Attack builds is quite a bad experience, and is where the issues are most prominent with both the skill and the pets.

  • Suggestion 1
    Improve Pet behavior a lot, giving them more responsive aggressiveness and decision making. Give FL4K an active role in stacking by letting them stack a separate buff akin to Furious Attack, which increases the Pet’s movement and attack speed. Slower attacks (like baby Jabber’s, Beefcake’s and melee pets) could stack more than once per hit. The same goes for unique/different attacks and the attack command.

Dominance | Has BUG

  • It’s clearly FL4K’s worst capstone, if not the worst in the game. It’s a pain to use. When you do get in melee range, it doesn’t even trigger reliably and might require multiple hits. There’s no visual indication of how long the skill lasts.

  • Taking over an enemy is not very useful in the first place. Borderlands enemies make lousy teammates. They don’t have the mechanics that make our characters actually good at the game, like matching elements, going for crits, saving you out of FFYL, etc. A rocket badass that health-gates you in a few shots ends up tickling your enemies because of how their damage works compared to ours.

  • There is no meaningful connection between Dominance and anything else in its skill tree. Up until the capstone, Master is all about damage and survival for FL4K and their pet. Dominance tacks on a new, unrelated ability instead of giving something to FL4K and/or their pets.

  • Suggestion 1
    If keeping the enemy conversion theme is necessary, then it needs an activation method that is way more efficient than the current one. Some ideas:
    Activation Changes:

    • Melee Override: while aiming down sights with any weapon, pressing [Melee Button] will shoot a high velocity dart that triggers the skill’s effect.

    Effect Changes:

    • FL4K can dominate up to three enemies. Dominated enemies receive all of FL4K’s pet boosts and effects (meaning things He Bites + Frenzy combo would work on them, and their damage would icnrease too). FL4K receives an unique bonus for each dominated enemy (or a single boost that gets stronger with each enemy dominated). Dominated effect lasts for x seconds (this really should be relatively long duration because a) if enemy covnersion is to be anything close to powerful, it needs to go all-in and b) short durations would just make it insanely interruptive to gameplay).
  • Video proof for skill trigger bug:
    Using Face-puncher
    Just meleeing

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1.1 PETS


  • It’s still quite a big problem outside of Gamma Burst builds (because that just makes them immortal). You can have all the survival skills maxed (including Mutated Defenses), and it won’t prevent them from being burst down by heavy enemy damage, barrel explosions and similars. A pet with all those skills still gets downed easily, and that means it won’t be stacking Frenzy or giving FL4K regen and therefore will end up interrupting the whole gameplay loop, since it needs to be revived to keep such bonuses going.

  • If it dies in the middle of a group of enemies, FL4K has to either kill everything near it (while not having the benefits in which they specced for and relied upon the pet to have) and then revive it, or try to pull off a quick revive and risk also being downed.

  • Suggestion 1
    Pets should be entirely immune to environmental hazards like barrels. They need some real form of burst protection against enemy attacks, like healthgate.
    Other ideas are: they could get a lower effectiveness copy of FL4K’s shield. There’s also an argument to make in which the shared regen towards the pet from the BFFs skill should be a natural perk of FL4K.

  • Suggestion 2
    Make the Friendbot class mod’s passive effect a natural perk of FL4K, or at the very least a one point skill in Blue/Green tree. This would solve some of the most annoying survivability problems. Pets would still need immunity to the environmental hazards and some burst protection, but being able to revive them by killing an enemy would improve things a lot already.


  • Sometimes (more often than not) Pets just don’t attack, get stuck searching a target, or hang way back (probably stuck) until they finally decide to do something. Attack commands do not help with this, because they also tend to bug out pet actions or are slow and weird in execution.

  • Jabbers have a tendency to naturally go after barrels, and it bugs them out completely, not to mention it takes a long while. More often than not, they just die because of it exploding. The huge time spent going after the barrels would be much better spent on shooting things and stacking Frenzy, or properly serving as distraction by triggering taunt effects. Spiderants and Skag suffer from the pathing/behavior problems, with Skag seeming to be a bit better for reliable aggression.

  • Attack Commands for all pets seem to bug them out randomly too, especially when they’re in the middle of some other action. The only exception I found as a reliable attack command is the Spiderant Countess’ one, which is essentially a teleport that happens with great consistency.

  • Suggestion 1
    Some customization like letting us disable/enable the Jabber’s unending will to search for a barrel sounds great. Maybe some other pet behaviors and unique attacks too. A new command button (like ping) in which we can just make them attack or move what/where we want them to would also be welcome. Pets need to be much more responsive, decisive and quick in their actions.


  • Even with all the Pet Damage buffs, the base damage pets scale from is very low. They’re decently ok until Mayhem is taken into consideration, and then they’re extremely mediocre even when built around with all debuff gear imaginable. This also all ties back into behavior and survival problems, pathing issues, getting stuck, unresponsive attack commands etc.

  • Suggestion 1
    The base damage they scale from should be increased by a good amount, possibly per Mayhem Level so they wouldn’t become OP on lower difficulties. Some skills giving them increased attack rate would also be welcome.

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Atomic Aroma (Augment)

  • Terrible damage and doesn’t even trigger Frenzy. Currently this serves as a decent damage boost to pet damage builds, but those already have to deal with a lot of other problems.

  • Suggestion by @boombumr: If this was just boosted a good bit and triggered Frenzy, the value of this skill increases immensely for any Gamma build.

Burst Aid (Augment)

  • Fun and interesting in concept, but the fact the rift can’t be moved at all and blocks your vision in the worst manner possible makes it not worth it even on the builds it could be. On builds that use Red Fang, the arguably best/main choice for a Gamma Burst build, you don’t ever need this Augment and are way better off using Endurance + Empathic Rage.

  • Suggestion 1
    For Gamma Burst in general, allow the rift to be moved 2~4 times per Gamma cast by pressing the Action Skill button again. This could be used to re-teleport the pet into a desired position and also move the Healing Rift. Reduce the visual clutter of this by a lot.

  • Suggestion 2
    Alternatively, the rift could follow FL4K akin to Fragtrap’s Disco Ball thing in Pre-Sequel (but on FL4K’s shoulder), and heal nearby allies. It would need massively reduced visual clutter for this. The healing could be reduced to 15% but not lower, considering there are already some tradeoffs involved in picking this augment in the first place.

Go For The Eyes | Has BUG

  • This skill fails in both concept and execution. Being locked to the pet’s first melee attack is already problematic, and it’s straight up worse than just grabbing always on pet damage from Ferocity. Of course, pet builds can grab both to get the most out of pet damage, but with all the existing pet issues it’s simpler to say: the skill is terrible.

  • @boombumr Confirmed Go For The Eyes currently does not boost the extra elemental damage added by Gamma Burst on the pets. NEEDS FIXING.

  • Suggestion 1
    It could give the pet a chance to critically hit for x1.75~ x2 Damage on any attack. Make it a true crit, and therefore allow FL4K’s Crit bonuses also apply to the damage of this pet crit. Could introduce a FL4K factor in the skill, like grabbing the previous concept of the skill and applying it to FL4K, making their first attack (ranged or not) against an enemy a mini-crit of x1.25~1.50 damage. The mini-crit would fall somewhere in the crit formula and work for practical weapon/skill effects. Could also just be a damage boost instead of a mini-crit.

He Bites

  • Damage reflection gets pitifully useless with increasing Mayhem levels. On Mayhem 4+, this skill is reduced to a one-point wonder for Frenzy stacking.

  • Suggestion 1
    The reflect values could be at the very least doubled. It would be better if changed to a one-point skill with its current max value. Either way it’s set in stone as a great utility skill for Frenzy stacking.

Psycho Head On A Stick

  • For what it intends to do, it’s decent numbers wise. The movement increase could use some changes for overall Pet QoL, and when you compare the Pet Damage to some Pet Damage numbers on more recently buffed skills , it looks a bit on the low side, especially considering its tier and it being a Pet-only skill, even while boosted from Hunt Skill Power.

  • Suggestion 1
    Turn the movement speed into overall speed, so it makes all Pet actions quicker, especially their attacks. Boost the damage to 30%, and the Speed to 20%. Alternatively, the Damage could be made to be its own part of the Pet Damage Formula, effectively making it fully multiplicative to the other Pet Damage boosts.

Hive Mind/Shared Spirit | Has Wrong Values

  • The listed values on both of these skills seems to be incorrect. Hive Mind seems closer to 13% while Shared Spirit is closer to 33%. Update: Damage Reduction values in this game can be inconsistent: sometimes they report their final result in the formula, sometimes not. So these skills are either accurate or inaccurate depending on what Gearbox wishes to display. Thanks to @DocStrangelove for their Damage Reduction thread.

  • Suggestion 1
    Needs either a tooltip or numbers adjustment, depending on what’s supposed to be the correct value. Currently, they should report 33% (Shared Spirit) and 13% (Hive Mind).

Barbaric Yawp and Pet Bonuses | Has BUG/Wrong Values

  • The Jabber Pet tooltip does not update with more points put into Barbaric Yawp, but the bonuses work. NEEDS FIXING.

  • Pets without offensive bonuses are almost never worth equipping when you have five points in this skill, they feel entirely wasted.

  • Needs suggestions.

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Guerrillas In The Mist (Augment)

  • Currently, the best use of Fade Away is proper and quick looping so anointments can be maintained. Normal Fade is way better for this in most scenarios and ends up putting out way more DPS, even with fully automatic, high fire rate weapons, all while retaining decent to good survivability. Outside of a very specific build, or specific intentions with sticky stacking, Guerrillas right now is simply an anointment delayer that gives FL4K no survival and no control.

  • The above problem originates mainly from the fact there’s not really any good anointments to use during Fade Away at the moment, so most playstyles end up searching for a way to better adapt ASE anointments into them.

  • The new items and anointments of M2.0/Cartel Events gave Guerrillas basically a toy to play with: Monarch, and then Sandhawk by a stretch. Monarch is truly the only thing that synergizes a lot with it and it pretty much needs a St4ckbot to justify it over Base Fade at all. The 200% ASA anointment is actually really underwhelming because it triggers on Skill Start and can’t be swapped to if the skill was already on, not to mention it ends up not doing much since it’s additive to St4ckbot’s whopping 495% Gun Damage when stacked, and then turns off once Fade ends, which results in just a weird feeling to use it overall. 3Shot Fade remains objectively stronger with pretty much any other weapons, and can use Monarch extremely well too.

  • Guerrillas had heavy reliance on Leave No Trace. That nerf paired with the Guerrillas duration nerf makes a single reload waste a lot of the skill uptime.

  • Suggestion 1
    This would definitely not please everyone, but scrapping it and turning it into something else is a way. The unreleased/scrapped(?) Blue Fang class mod’s passive effect sounds like a great potential augment.

  • Suggestion 2
    All the Guerrillas nerfs could be reverted at this point. The game has clearly come full circle in balancing and week 1 Guerrillas wasn’t even that strong to begin with.

Not My Circus (Augment)

  • A top tier augment when the pet doesn’t absolutely ruin it. It seems like the pet needs a target to cast this, and must also get somewhat close to it. Even the ranged pets run right next to an enemy (not before potentially bugging out due to other actions), wait some time and then do the (unnecessary) animation for the taunt. On bosses like Graveward, some pets don’t even perform the taunt at all due to the distance requirement.

  • There’s an unnecessary amount of steps for the pet involved in this. I’ve been able to loop 4 Fade Aways in succession without seeing it do a single taunt. I suspect the animation the pet has to do is one of the main sources of problems here.

  • Suggestion 1
    Taunt should instantly happen when FL4K gets out of Fade, or at the very least always one second after. The animation for it could be skipped entirely, and the taunt should happen no matter where the pet is, not requiring some strange enemy proximity factor that is counterintuitive to it being an area effect.

Until You Are Dead (Augment) | Has BUG

  • This is a great augment, however it seems to be currently plagued by a bug that causes it to remove even the Regen/Movement from Fade Away. Current manner i’ve seen it happening: If i manage to cast Fade Away before the 10s window of the Augment runs out, it will end during Fade Away and i’ll lose both the regen and the movement speed from the Skill and the Augment. This bug needs some testing for confirmation of it being related to the Augment. I’m pretty sure it is, but still. It 100% is a bug that exists. NEEDS FIXING.

Eager To Impress

  • The skill is decent at most but very weak overall when compared to Headcount. The worst part is that Pet kill cooldown boost almost never happens because, well, the pet doesn’t kill.

  • Suggestion 1: Make it only one value, triggered by either a FL4K/Pet kill. Increase the 5/5 value to 3s so it has some form of competition with Head Count.

  • Suggestion 2: Make it a pet version of Headcount, as in pet attacks have a small chance to reduce Action Skill Cooldown.

Turn Tail And Run

  • Standing still in Borderlands is usually not a good idea. This is a game where enemies have one-shot healthgating and displacement attacks (those new COV launchers destroy the hopes of using this well). Of course, it’s somewhat usable with normal Fade Away or things smart sticky stacking and sniping, but its viability in most other builds is very skewed because not moving is quite a big problem. Actually, It’s not even that usable on Fade Away since we have the little problem of some enemies still perfectly tracking FL4K.

  • The Regen and Damage Reduction while moving are good. The Regen value itself is too low.

  • Suggestion 1
    Double the health regen at the least. The Gun Damage could be always on, but in a different way: FL4K would get always-on 15% Gun Damage / 10% Fire Rate, but when standing still, the values would double (or get +10% for each). This is just a concept, numbers are discussable.

The Fast And The Furryous

  • This is a great skill overall, but it ties back into the Health Regen problems. Together with Turn Tail and Power Inside, it’s a decent chunk of damage being conditional on factors that don’t really warrant their existence and can end up just being turned off by single instances of high damage coming from enemies or environmental effects.

  • An example of how annoying this can get, is that on the hardest endgame content enemies simply have extremely powerful attacks that can healthgate you immediately: Stop-Gap/Re-Charger/Transformer and Last Stand only go so far in keeping you consistently above 50% when facing a horde of Badass COV Rocket Launchers or the Sphere + Dog Spam of Takedown

  • Suggestion 1
    Add a helping factor when below 50% HP. Could be HP Regen, Damage Reduction or something else.

  • Suggestion 2
    An extra Reload Speed boost of 15%~20% when above 50% HP sounds like a welcome boost that would be in line with the skill’s overall theme.

Rage and Recover | Has BUG

  • The placement of this skill is weird, and it being only one tier below the capstone makes its weak numbers and duration very questionable. It has a place in a select few builds, and it’s by lack of choice/Hidden Machine unreliability other than anything else. This is also because…

Through some testing and the help of Prismatic in figuring it out, we reached the conclusions that at 5/5 it seems to be healing for 9.9% of the initial missing health over the entirety of the 3 seconds the skill lasts, rather than the 24% it should be.

Since this matter goes a bit more deep in the game’s mechanics, the proof we can provide is not as easily shown as the other issues. This is a picture of the Rage And Recover formula Prismatic used, which also has tested variations that have been sucessfully applied to other skills like Amara’s Samsara or Moze’s Redistribution.

  • Video evidence of the issues (they were used to apply the formula to):
    Max HP was 10874 for all of them. No Guardian Rank and any other form of regen.
    2718 to 3467 Health
    727 to 1658 Health
    104 to 1093 Health
    1 to 998 Health

  • The skill is currently very underwhelming, much more so than it would be if it was working correctly (which would be at least a decent skill).

  • Fix
    The values must be changed to match the skill’s description.

  • Suggestion 1
    Stalker Tree only has a single Hunt Skill, while Master Tree has two (although it’s Psycho Head, but it’s still a Hunt Skill anyway). Rage and Recover could be reworked into a Hunt Skill or Kill Skill and possibly moved towards the beginning of the skill tree since that’s where Stalker/Master Hunt skills seems to be. It could remain on its current tier without a problem, however.


The Power Inside

  • This skill looks great on paper and it’s very good in action. It is overall amazing. The only actual problem it has is the 50% Damage being tied to FL4K’s current health when you cast the skill. This ties back into Health regen problems, enemies with powerful one-shot healthgating attacks etc.

  • Suggestion 1
    When cast at full hp:
    FL4K receives the full bonus for the whole duration.

    When cast at not full HP:
    FL4K gets half the bonus, but if they reach 60% Health or above, they get the full bonus. Going below the threshold halves the bonus again.

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Rakk Attack (Action Skill)

  • This Action Skill could possibly benefit from some QoL changes. It has some visual clutter and the general playstyle of it can be a bit interruptive of gameplay because of the frequent cast animation.

  • Rakks are a tad too slow, and have some problems actually hitting enemies at times. There’s no way to spread them around, meaning most times they end up going to the same target. Not only that, but their limited “range” makes them deviated from the enemy you want them to go at more often than you’d wish.

  • QoL Suggestion: Visual clutter of the cast animation could be toned down a notch, and it could also potentially become a one-handed cast, so it flows better during gameplay especially being a multi-charge skill. It would also be a welcome change to a build that usually doesn’t have much time to waste.

  • Suggestion 1
    Increase their flying speed and maximum attack range by a decent amount. Double tapping the action skill button should command the Rakks to spread and hit different targets.

Falconer’s Feast (Augment)

  • The Augment is great but it seems to rely on the Rakks coming back to FL4K before giving the healing. This makes it not really reliable for more dangerous situations.

  • Suggestion 1
    The healing should happen when the Rakks hit, rather than when they return. The % could maybe be bumped up a bit, like to 10%.

  • Suggestion 2
    It could be turned into lifesteal based on Rakk damage. This would make speccing for Action Skill Damage a worthwhile investment.

Ambush Predator

  • The icon that was supposedly added on the Takedown Patch never really made it in. FIXED

  • The skill’s distance trigger is somewhat lenient. However, with the way spawns work in this game and how enemies just jump at you, it doesn’t really have a place in most builds currently.

  • The crit damage is a bit underwhelming, not exactly because of its value itself, but when compared to the other available skills around it. Further down the tree, Galactic Shadow gives a 5% lower boost for a single point.

  • Suggestion 1: Crit boost needs an increase, probably to ~30%-40%. Could be changed to work as something based on FL4K’s distance to the enemy shot at instead of it being disabled by any enemy being near them. This would imply into the Handling bonus being turned into something else, possibly something that is always on but with a bit of a reduced value compared to now.

Grim Harvest

  • This skill obviously attempts to focus on Action Skill Damage for Rakk builds. The problem here is that even with this skill, Rakk Damage is not too great. Meanwhile, using Splash Anointments/Elem. ASEs (+ Megavore in this case) paired with Damage skills makes Rakk damage pretty good compared to the points that have to be used on this skill.

  • Suggestion 1
    Considering its tier, the Gun Damage could be bumped up a bit, maybe to ~20%-25%. This should make it a more attractive grab in most builds and it would still have competitive choices around it.

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Red Fang

  • The skill boosts make no real sense for current MH4 application. He Bites is fine since it has utility, Eager To Impress doesn’t really fit and Ferocity is useless. He Bites and Ferocity have a nice interaction that is instantly gutted when MH4 is turned on.

  • Suggestion 1
    Eager To Impress and/or Ferocity could be swapped for Hidden Machine, Pack Tactics, even Rage And Recover or Who Rescued Who.

Rakk Commander

  • The skill boosts, besides being a direct copy of Red Fang (or the other way around), are just terrible. The extra Rakk Charge is simply useless.

  • Suggestion 1
    There is currently only one Class Mod boosting Interplanetary Stalker. This could be the second one. Grim Harvest and a survival skill (Rage and Recover, Who Rescued Who, Self-Repairing System) would not be bad too.

  • Suggestion by @palpabl_purpura
    Special Effect could be changed to allow Falconer’s Feast to heal for both health and shields. @Ratore: This sounds good, and would probably work better if the Class Mod gave you the augment itself too, like Zane’s Shockerator Class Mod.

Friendbot | Has BUG

  • The +20% pet damage effect of the class mod does not currently work at all. NEEDS FIXING.

  • This Class Mod’s special effect is something that would be an insane QoL improvement and buff to the pet system if it was a natural perk of FL4K and their Pets.

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  • Anointments need some discussion. Fade Away Nova, Fade Away Accuracy and Rakk Crit are completely outclassed by other anointments, most being just the general ones. The lack of variety for Action Skill Start anointments might also be a point for discussion. Rakk Charge and Attack Command anointments too.

Fade Away Accuracy + Handling

  • This one was super cool for lower difficulties and pre-nerfs FL4K. It fell into the uselessness with the higher difficulty and FL4K nerfs.

  • Suggestion by @palpabl_purpura
    Could change this to “while in fade away, gun damage matches maximal elemental weakness”. This is 175% for fire/flesh, 175% for armor/corrosive, and 250% for shields/shock, but you can do this damage with any weapon.

  • Suggestion by @darreltan2004
    A proper anointment for FA (both GiTM and base Fade TBH). Something that favors GiTM would be ‘each consecutive shot in F4de Away gives +20% weapon damage’, while a Base F4de Anointment could be ‘Your last shot in FA deals bonus damage based on the amount of duration left - +15% damage per second left’.

Fade Away Nova

  • The only interesting factor this anointment has is that, like some other Nova anointments, it seems to pull some shield properties too when it happens, meaning it procs things like Frozen Heart’s special effect. After messing a lot with it, i found no use to it besides being a cool gimmick that does pitiful damage (it could do 50k+ and would still be very bad).

  • The Radius is very tiny.

  • Suggestion by @palpabl_purpura
    Fade Away nova could to be changed to overkill orbs ala Amara instead. The orb number is based on the amount of enemies killed. @Ratore: Following in the same vein, another way is to make them not Overkill based but rather a value that scales with gun damage/skills, maybe based on overall damage dealt to the enemy, so it would reward you for dispatching badasses and higher tier threats. Could also be a (good) fixed value that scales with gun damage/skills. Either of these ways would make sure it’s decently usable with all weapon types (which seems to be what Gearbox went for in this game).

Rakk 100% (Rakk Slag as it is also known)

  • This anointment has some real potential due to its placement in the damage formula. However, there are ways to reach similar (or even better) performance using 100% ASE and Splash Anointments while not having to deal with the absurd clunkyness that this puts you through.

  • The anointment has a problem that ties back in the Rakk Attack Action Skill problems: it’s clunky and nearly unusable for mobbing when you don’t have a R4kk P4k Class Mod, it runs into all the Rakk targeting issues and there’s some enemies that you’ll have to spend a good amount of time trying to even hit with Rakks. For bossing, it’s generally usable except on some, like… Wotan, which spawns a ton of adds and has barriers, and also starts flying around.

  • The fact only R4kk P4k can decently use this is also holding it back: R4kk P4k does not have the damage potential of other Class Mods and has it’s main attraction on the Falconer’s Feast + extra mini-rakks interaction. Other Class Mods are mostly locked to tagging one enemy at a time with each cast, which makes the anointment pale in comparison to just having constant, quick damage vs. whatever shows up by using a 100% ASE. Using a more damage oriented Class Mod paired with generic anointments and the adequate stat rolls can achieve similar/better numbers and not worry at all about any clunkyness.

  • Rakk Attack QoL improvements mentioned in its section would, by themselves, help a lot on this.

  • Suggestion 1
    The “debuff” could apply in a decently large area once an enemy is hit by rakks. Alternatively, it could just stay on vs. anything for its duration once the rakks hit.

  • Suggestion 2
    The “simpler” way, which would solve all clunkyness and QoL issues of this is just making it into an ASE. While this Anointment has a lot of power due to its formula placement, it isn’t unrivaled, since anointments not far behind in power exists with wayy better activation methods (os are just passive, like the 300% Cartel Anointment).

Rakk 50% Crit

  • 50% Crit is a very, very low value, especially when compared to any of the most used anointments. And, of course, it requires hitting a crit, which means you are getting either nothing or a subpar boost when you do hit a crit. This means this value should be probably be boosted by a great amount so it feels at the very least rewarding. Now, if the value being low is a problem, wait until you discover that…

  • This is a Post Add Crit bonus, for some reason. This makes the Generic 25% Crit anointment actually better than this in a lot of scenarios.

  • Suggestion 1
    This could really be placed somewhere else, formula wise. There’s a point to giving it its own spot so it at least becomes a worthwhile boost.

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Thanks for working hard on this Ratore. Hope GBX sees this. I only play FL4K and basically felt the entire essay here in my gameplay. I love the BL3 but it’s so frustrating with all the perks either not working or just being useless. Please gearbox, help us Fl4K players out.


And hes still the second best vault hunter. I might get bored of fl4k if he gets fixed and outclasses amara.

The nova anointment has to go, I didn’t pick fl4k to replay lilith. Should be swapped with rakks crit bonus. Make the nova apply to rakks when they make a kill. Accuracy should be scrapped and either bullets pierce shields or a melee crit anointment. I want a fl4k melee build

Agree with just about everything on here.

Exactly. Considering FL4K has a pet AND a skill to make enemies less likely to target them in the same build, there is no reason enemies should be targeting FL4K is FA at all.

It is nice to have skills that reward having high health though. There are really only 3 in the entire franchise that work like this: Jack’s Lean On Me, and then Fast&Furryous and Power Inside.

I like your suggestion about putting lifesteal on WRW, especially since it would give Gearbox a reason to get rid of that god awful anointment.

That could be where Dominance comes in. If it gave the pets a decent bonus, it would be worth getting.

Exactly why I keep arguing that the pets are not meant to be solely tanks. Without Gamma Burst, the only one that can tank at all is the spiderant, and only with heavy investment in health regen and All My BFFs.
If pets are meant to primarily be tanks, then they should have way more utility skills than they do. Heck, they may as well not have any damage skills if their whole reason for existing is to take hits. A roid shield would help their damage way more than any other bonus they have (a Ward would give them 300% melee, the best they can realistically get right now is 220% tops from skills). Of course that would be repeating the formula of DT and Digi-Jacks, but it worked quite well so I’ll gladly take that over what we have now.

Yup. The biggest problem here is that if they buff the base damage to be suitable for M4, the pets will actually decimate the earlier difficulties of the game easily. This is a tough one to solve if GB doesn’t want to just scale off Mayhem level.

It’s the only thing making pet damage builds, or what you can make of one, viable. The pet’s base attack rate is too slow for them to seriously lay down the deepz without help. If this was just boosted a bit (increase the base damage by about a 3rd or so by level 50) and make it trigger Frenzy, and the value of this skill increases immensely for any Gamma build.

All it really needs imo. 50% chance to crit at 5/5, so you can get 100% crit w/ class mods. I think that’s fair.

Agreed. The damage fell after hard after M1, and Is pretty insignificant in M4. Considering that the damage pretty much doesn’t matter, it can at least be better as a damage reduction skill for the pets.

There was a similar weirdness with DR skills in BL2 and TPS. The skill lists what goes into the formula, but what you get at the end isn’t the same because of the way the formula works. I think it was Sal’s DR skill.


For M3, the Red Fang was perfectly designed. Ferocity buffed He Bites, which could do some OK damage boosted and gave the pet more DR outside of Gamma Burst so you could kill enemies with the pet and cooldown quicker.

For M4, the bonus damage reduction doesn’t seem to do as much since it takes a bit longer to kill enemies anyway, and the reflected damage ain’t worth c##p anymore. The synergy of the COM is still amazing, it just doesn’t work as well when enemy health gets bloated to such a degree.

In which case, you may as well focus on more utility. The COM already gives a taunt, so getting health regen and damage reduction (perfectly synched up with your pet’s) would make our pet an MMO style tank. We already have something similar with the Divergent COM (+ Hive Mind, Who Rescued Who, and Eager to Impress).

Overall agree with just about everything. FL4K has way too many bugged skills and unintuitive interactions.


Yeah, i should mention those boosts make sense (or made) in a pet damage scenario. It’s something i also messed with on MH3 and it was fun, yet still completely outclassed by a red/blue build that just used it as a button for enemies to ignore you and make even 4p takedown a joke. This class mod has real power and i wont really complain if it stays as is, but i wouldnt mind using a version with +5 Hidden Machine too, or at least something worthwhile. Pets are just in a entirely sad situation and them being insufferable to build around even in MH3 just makes me question more and more why they aren’t just immortal stat boosts.


Thanks for working on this Ratore. I have some suggestions for this

  1. Fade away accuracy needs to be retired. Gearbox decided to give 850 health, 1K shields and armor to enemies, so anything other than damage perks become an unaffordable luxury.
    I would change this to “while in fade away, gun damage matches maximal elemental weakness”. This is 175% for fire/flesh, 175% for armor/corrosive, and 250% for shields/shock, but you can do this damage with any weapon.

  2. Fade Away nova needs to be changed to overkill orbs ala Amara instead. The orb number is based on the amount of enemies killed.

  3. Rakk Charge is actually useful because if prompts ASE annointments.

  4. I don’t have much experience with attack commands and lifesteal, hopefully someone else can weight in.

  5. I don’t think GITM should be scrapped. Of course, it should be changed back to the original 8 secs and 50% crit damange. With the above annointment, you should be able to do some good damage.

  6. Rakk Commander should be changed to allow Rakks to heal for both health and shields.

  7. Rakk Crit should be crit damage increase of 100% per stack for a max stack count of 3. If you miss 2 crits, it resets.

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I think Zane and Amara both may be better at this point.


I’ve already swapped my build to having my pet basically tanking everything, and I agree with this 100%. As it stands, I never bother looking at the skills on red fangs, just the modifiers that I’m looking for. I can still wreck stuff on MH4 with the unorthodox build I have running, but there are some times when its damn near impossible to keep my pets health up

Zane is arguably better in terms of just living longer and tanking shots, as amara does, but fl4k can blast through content before enemies have a chance to all react in time. Look at this op’s takedown challenge video, besides the kraken and woton double kill one shot, all his mobbing are just common place fl4k gameplay. But this devolves the post and refer back to the post I made, his skills and better anointments will boost him by themselves. Pets I think are a wet dream, I don’t have any hopes for a pet build

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The problem of “while Fade Away is active” anoints are that they should be good for both Normal Fade and Guerrillas. Right now both are in a weird spot, with Normal Fade just being better most times because of the anointments being triggered sooner. Normal Fade ends in 3 shots, and considering its playstyle involves dealing damage outside of Fade too, there’s a good chance that such anointments would still be simply very bad for it. They would at least maybe make Guerrillas tolerable. I think something that works during Fade and after Fade for some seconds would be the best way to approach it.

Guerrillas still has a place and i’ve been recently playing around a setup that favors it, but at this point it feels like something that will always have to be thought about when approaching Fade Away and anointments, and in my opinion we’re better off getting rid of it and expanding on the power of the main ability which, since Mayhem 4, has shown itself to be much more interesting than 5-7 seconds of panic mode that forcibly locks you into Unblinking Eye.

Fade Nova certainly needs something, and not being a Nova is the first step into the right direction.

Well, useful or not, that’s just a glitch/bug. I’d say it needs a replacement anyway.

I’ll get to adding suggestions soon. I’ll try to keep it a 3-4 maximum suggestions per item and change them depending on how discussion goes, so the main text doesn’t get too long. This is just an idea of course, i could add just about everything (within reason) too depending on what people think.

Edit: Added some of the suggested stuff. Will get to the others later. I’ll also make sure to add enemies dodging your shots from Fade Away like highly trained ninjas even though we’re invisible (or are we?) as a potential issue. Not sure how much this bothers other people but i feel it’s a weird thing.


Very good write up. Thank you for your hard work, Ratore!

You have Head Count as a skill that needs urgent fix, but I am not sure if I agree with it because I think the synergy between Head Count, Megavore and weapons like Brainstormer would be too OP if they just fix the skill straight up.


The synergy is there and it already works fine most of the time for Fade/Gamma (in fact i’ve only had it occur once in those skills). It’s a very relied upon skill in almost (if not all) FL4K builds. Funnily enough, Rakk Attack doesn’t need it as much as the others, with usually a single point being more than enough for me, yet it is mainly this Action Skill that is plagued by this bug and can basically break gameplay for some time depending on how unlucky you get.

It is very strong but i think within FL4K’s gameplay loop it’s just very fitting, and not OP. Any manner of nerf to this skill would heavily injure FL4K builds for no real reason, since it basically carries the fast pace you usually have to maintain to survive, or gets back your survivability skills. And it being strong or not doesn’t mean it shouldn’t get fixed, since it’s quite literally just bugged/broken.

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This perfect describes my sentiment towards GiTM and why a fix for it is not so simple. No manner of simply adding a few buffs would compensate for the 2-4x DPS you are losing by not having ASE. The biggest problem IMO is the lack of a F4de Away specific anointment which is competitive with the ASE ones. The second is that 2 of the other 3 FA augments don’t actually do anything for FA but are like mini ASE anointments. If we had an augment that massively increased reload speed/reduced ammo consumption/buffed damage in FA, we would be in a better place right noww. Reverting LnT would be a step in the right direction, given base F4de wasn’t affected, but GiTM was absolutely gutted by its nerf. Even a single reload basically kills FA - and Fl4k kinda has bad reload speed compared to say Zane or Amara.

The second would be to give a proper anointment for FA (both GiTM and base Fade TBH). Something that favors GiTM would be ‘each consecutive shot in F4de Away gives +20% weapon damage’, while a Base F4de Anointment could be ‘Your last shot in FA deals bonus damage based on the amount of duration left - +15% damage per second left’.

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Maybe instead of scrapping gitm, give it a way to extend the duration and any effects fl4k is under with crit shots? That way it his dps doesnt drop while in fadeaway and after. Could be a diminishing returns added for fadeaway extension and for buffs it just freezes the cooldown while fadeaway is active

I don’t think the synergy is OP for Rakk build, but I cannot say the same for FA.

Even with the current bugged state, certain type of weapons and grenades can cool down the AS very fast, allowing us to be in FA constantly while keeping the ASE anoint active all the time. I just don’t think this is how GBX wants Fl4k to be played as it is way more powerful than GitM was pre-nerf.

I kinda wish they don’t address the Head Count bug because if they do, they would have to nerf something in return to balance things. That would unfairly penalize Fl4ks that don’t utilize the synergy.

The reason i see Guerrillas in such a bad light is because i think it’s actually just being detrimental to both the Skill Tree and the Action Skill itself. It is Gearbox’s attempt at making Fade a skill that can be used with all weapon types, yet you can use normal Fade with all weapon types.

Not only that, but normal Fade has the tools to support such a playstyle. Unblinking Eye, Until You Are Dead and Not My Circus are all competitive choices between each other for a Normal Fade setup with fully automatic, high fire rate weapons. Meanwhile, Guerrillas entirely locks you into Unblinking Eye while giving you pitiful damage in most setups. If it was scrapped, and we had some anointment that had an effect both in and out of Fade (after it ends for a few secs), and a good replacement for the Nova anointment, i think a free’d up augment slot could be used for more interesting choices like the one listed on the main post. It could also simply be something like 2 extra Fade charges, or retaining Fade’s guaranteed “hits that count as crits” for a few seconds after it ends (with the damage bonus), since it would still fall well into an ambush themed character.

I think this is a situation where one will always end up being a superior choice unless for very select setups, and Guerrillas will always be the biggest offender and the hardest one to balance because of its reliance on Unblinking Eye. Yet if Unlinking Eye is changed, it could negatively affect Normal Fade in a big way too. That’s why i suggest rebuilding the augment with the Normal Fade in mind, since it’s a much more versatile approach, can use the general Anointments decently, would still benefit from having a Fade Anoint, and it can be mutated into a lot of cool, different stuff.

Guerrillas was always overrated, even by Gearbox. The first batch of nerfs looked like a joke few days/week after when Amaras were stomping the game with ease and quicker. Normal Fade was always as strong/stronger, yet it went under the radar because the endgame was not explored too deeply yet. Anointments, their uptime and proper use of build synergies on the hardest content are the endgame (on the builds sense, of course). It is how we get rewarded for actually putting them together.

All of this is making for some of the best and varied FL4K builds to ever exist, all Action Skills included. How exactly is FL4K “to be played”? A big/medium wait between cooldowns would hurt all FL4K builds immensely because of how important said things are to endgame viability. Fade Away looping is probably some of the most fun and rewarding stuff to ever come out from FL4K, and it has a lot of choices involved, ranging from weapons, skills, augments and class mods. The same applies to Gamma/Rakk. It’s all curently perfectly fitting within build variety, and any changes to Headcount would just cause unnecessary harm to all of these setups.

It’s better to give setups that can’t reach Head Count another decent manner of reducing their cooldowns, rather than harming all of the ones that do for no reason. There is unfairness between builds, and then there are actual bad builds. A build that doesn’t have its synergies in check to face the hardest endgame content can simply be a bad build for that difficulty tier, and that’s no fault of a good skill simply existing.


It is Gearbox’s attempt at making Fade a skill that can be used with all weapon types, yet you can use normal Fade with all weapon types.

Not really. Yes, you can use them, but its once more just exploiting the ASE loop that plagues this entire game. If I wanted to use high FR weapons, I wouldn’t bother with FA, I would just use Rakk Attack - which gives me a far more reliable upkeep of anointments with most weapons. The only exception would be the Brainstormer, because it actually allows me to be invisible 80% of the time.

The point and draw of F4de Away isn’t the taunt or the health regen - its obviously being invisible and scoring autocrits which have synergy with many of Fl4k’s skills. The former help, and can sometimes even be very powerful. But I think in the name of min-maxing, we have forgotten why we play these games - because of fun. Sure, some may think GiTM is a low skill playstyle - but that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t exist. But the poor design of ASE anointments means we are conditioned to think that somehow, the way the game should be played is to end our action skill as soon as possible. Which is honestly really stupid. Can you imagine if Salvador, Jack or Wilhelm were in this game and their only AS anointment was accuracy and handling? It would utterly gut them as a class.

Yet GB has shown that they can make a class strong independent of the ASE loop - just look at Gamma Fl4k or Zane. The key to it? Strong anointments. If F4de Away had an anointment that gave it +300% gun damage, I guarantee we wouldn’t even be having this conversation right now.

retaining Fade’s guaranteed “hits that count as crits” for a few seconds after it ends (with the damage bonus), since it would still fall well into an ambush themed character.

I actually had this idea for a COM way back in September/October - but we both know why we want this - its because we want the cake and eat it. We want FAs autocrits as well as the ASE bonuses, and then quickly refresh our cooldowns with autocrits and basically have 100% anointment upkeep. But that just perpetuates how poorly thought out anointments are that we want to be out of our action skill more than to be in it. Yet the change can be so simple - just give FA a busted anointment and suddenly everyone will be all over it.

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Min-maxing itself is fun for a lot of people. I enjoy it but only to a certain degree. I absolutely agree that the whole Anointment and ASE stuff plagues the game in a very negative way. We all want to do damage during Fade, and Guerrillas is the one that needs an anointment the most. It is certainly why i’ve been recently messing with a lot of things to try and have real damage without anointments, with decent sucess (not on Guerrillas of course, lol). Sadly, it is the best we have for Fade right now. At the same time, i think it has some of the most intuitive and fun uses of ASE stuff.

Things like the Tag 3 and explode playstyle with stickies + splash anointments, Sniping, Point blank shotgunning etc. are things what work in a very unique manner and can actually use the skill for damage. They rely on ASE (some not even that much), but they also reward you with great damage during Fade Away too. Guerrillas feels terrible in this regard because it has no power on its own. One Shotter shields have also been a great discovery for Fade builds and they currently allow for some real insanity during Fade Aways… it feels as if it had an anointment. It’s really fun.

My point is simply that the actual main skill - the 3 charges one - should not be forgotten when addressing anointment issues, and knowing how things tend to go one would certainly end up being way favored over the other, and currently it’s Normal Fade being favored, and just because it can use ASE stuff better, since Fade might as well have nothing for Anointments at this point. If we get a Fade Anointment and it does nothing when the third shot is gone, then what’s the point of using it over going back to looping ASEs? I personally think anointments as a whole are a mistake in how powerful they are, and the whole Mayhem Scaling just forces every build into abusing them in a way that will always bring us back to such discussions. If Mayhem Scaling was way, way lower, and anointments were more like slightly better Pre-Sequel luneshines, build variety would probably increase in a very good manner.

Not My Circus and Until You Are Dead are augments, and so is Guerrillas. I don’t think Guerrillas has a low skill playstyle (on the beginning of MH3 pre-nerf it was a cakewalk, but so was just about everything), it think it’s rather one of the most dangerous FL4K playstyles, even if it had good anointments to go with it it would face the problems of the very short duration and FL4K being somewhat squishy in general. Fun is the end goal, and i personally think further building the main skill - which could still have it’s weapon limitations worked around through a different augment - would make for something very fun.

And of course, i’ve been adding suggestions for Guerrillas. This discussion is great, i’m glad we’re having it.

I should probably also mention on the Stalker Tree how the current Fade Away tooltip is misleading to every player and Gearbox could word it better on how it’s not actually a real crit.


Idea for Rakk Commander (while keeping its current effect): You can hold down the AS button to rapidly fire all charges of Rakks. This gives incentives to stack as many charges as possible for the highest burst damage possible. Fl4k can stack 6 whole charges so that could be interesting. Granted, if they smooth the Rakks out with QoL changes this may be less good but certainly better than what it is now?