FL4K Skills, Pets, Class Mods and Interactions: what could change

One idea I had was to make the turn tail and run healing scale with speed. At normal walking speed it would heal for 1% and scale up to like 4% while sprinting with speed boost, similar to how damage works for Zane. This would thematically fit the skill and also give Fl4K some good synergy with different speed boost like anointments or the Victory Rush relic.

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Not sure where to ask this among existing threads: is Rakk Pack Class mod still dropped in Trial of Cunning on M4 and above? Not sure how MH 2.0 impacted that.

I figured I’ll give a shot at trying to get one, but want to make sure I’m actually doing it in the right spot on the right difficulty :slight_smile:

Loot the Universe Event

Right now with the loot the universe event the drops are a little different. Above is a list showing where certain items are suppose to drop. Probably the easiest/fastest class mod farm current is General Traunt.

Right, but in my experience LtU event has a complicated relationship with dedicated drops. I keep hearing that it boosts world drops only, but don’t have a reference for that.

And since Rakk Pack was previously gated behind M4 and only appeared in Trial of Cunning and Wotan IIRC, I’m not sure General Traunt can drop one today…

Trial of Cunning drops pistols like candy now, which works for me too - and it’s somewhat satisfying to obliterate hordes of tinks as well. :wink:

I’m not sure about that either but it would explain why I haven’t been able to get a Headsplosion to drop in the Trial of Fervor. I’ll keep an eye out for that class mod while running takedown and let you know if I find one.

Rage And Recover is also [even further] bugged:

Through some testing and the help of @Prismatic in figuring it out, we reached the conclusions that at 5/5 it seems to be healing for 9.9% of the initial missing health over the entirety of the 3 seconds the skill lasts, rather than the 24% it should be.

Since this matter goes a bit more deep in the game’s mechanics, the proof we can provide is not as easily shown as the other issues. This is a picture of the Rage And Recover formula Prismatic used, which also has tested variations that have been sucessfully applied to other skills like Amara’s Samsara or Moze’s Redistribution.

Here are some clips which were used to apply it to:
Max HP was 10874 for all of them. No Guardian Rank and any other form of regen.
2718 to 3467 Health https://streamable.com/or64t3
727 to 1658 Health https://streamable.com/zjafwe
104 to 1093 Health https://streamable.com/nms3kf
1 to 998 Health https://streamable.com/jzmzz0

It is currently very underwhelming, much more so than it would be if it was working correctly (which would be at least a decent/good skill).


Thanks for the hard work testing and discovering this bug. Hopefully, gearbox will make note and address this soon.

I did get a R4kk P4k after only 3 tries (was on M4) earlier tonight. Got lucky, I suspect. :slight_smile:

Headsplosion is a dedicated drop to Manvark in Konrad’s Hold. Travel to Slaughter Shaft, go out the door and down the road a short walk. He is a legendary hunt target.

I’m aware of that and have farmed him multiple times. Was just hoping it would also be included in the Loot the Universe drops in The Trial of Fervor as that is a lot more fun to farm haha

Dedicated drops do not drop anywhere else - not even with the LtU event active. I tried getting a Rakk Pak outside of Trial of Cunning with the event and it would not drop sadly. Although, I think Rakk Attack builds have a even harder time on higher mayhem levels survivability-wise.

Made some edits for visual clarity and will eventually do an entire read over of the thread to add new suggestions to the main post. Also edited Rage And Recover section to display its bug.


God damn will gearbox just hire you guys already and stop playing around lol

Okay, so after about 100 Cartel takedowns with Fade FL4K, I thought I would weight in on this.

FL4K is probably the worst VH in the game when his action skills are down. This ties FA Fl4K to the shackles of brainstormer/reflux, garcia/stagecoach from now to infinity. Improving FL4K’s survivability outside of FA, will allow for more diverse gameplay opportunities.

  1. FA- double the health regen. Right now, all of FL4K’s green tree health regen plus Spiderant ant can’t keep up with DOT in some instances, which is quite pathetic.

  2. Until you are dead: Movement speed and heal regen are doubled after FA ends (60% movement and 12% respectively)

  3. Not my circus: increase taunt radius with instant activation. Increase duration to 8 secs.

  4. Self repairing system- double health regen

  5. TTAR- double health regen and damage resistance.

  6. FAF- remove halth gate restriction.

  7. TPI- remove health gate restriction

  8. RAR- add chunk health at 5 % per level. So, max 5/5 would be regen 25% health instantly plus 8% per sec for 3 secs.


I wholeheartedly agree.
Either your suggestions or just give us flat out life steal. Boring, I admit that. Not every VH needs to be the same (Amara, Zane) but i would make for just an easy fix. Of course it would invalidate any of your skill suggestions as no one in his right mind would take 1-3% hp regen when you can just heal off of your dmg output.
I still think Gbx can make Fl4k tankier w/o life steal. But I kind of doubt that Gbx will strike just the right balance.

If Not My Circus activated at the start of Fade Away it would be glorious. Good call

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To add to the suggestion for Turn Tail and Run: You could get max damage/FR when youre still, max regen/resistance when you’re sprinting, and a good middle if youre just strafing around.

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@gelboy Love this. I’ve always thought the health regen should scale with speed just like Zane has with damage.

@vCarpeDiemv I’d much rather Gearbox just fix Fade Away so enemies instantly stop targeting you when Fade Away begins.

Hey, haven’t seen this mentioned but it seems like Wotan’s lower half completely ignores the Red Fang taunt.

Rage And Recover seems to be completely fixed (meaning they fixed all of it, not just the pet thing on the notes). Head Count works properly on Rakks again.

But, as expected in this case, the old bug where the Rakk charges keep resetting is now back in action at full potential (it was never gone, just less frequent with Eager To Impress).

I’ve said it before but too many changes and content updated happened at the time. I intend to fully go over this thread and add a ton of stuff. I’m currently on a big break from Borderlands stuff, but i do care about making issues, bugs and ideas very visible, so i’ll be slowly updating this when possible, as long as it doesn’t mess with my time.

I could make a new thread but that is largely pointless in my opinion, so i’ll just be updating this one.