Fl4k Skins & Heads (Spoilers)

Yo, loving all these skins and how much you can costumize them!
Glitching Queen postest what she found during her playthru
Spoiler Warning For Endgame Fashion!!! :partying_face:


Where does the Yokai head for Fl4k come from?


Did the Nog side mission did not receive the head. Did all side missions and haven’t received any of the ones you have. Perhaps they have been moved around? Very odd.

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I got mine from the slots at Moxxi’s.

Which one? The one with Claptrap on the top?

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The one she has you spin for free at the start of the game. I was clicking it too fast on tvhm and gave it a spin before she finished walking to it. Lucked out though.

That’s the Claptrap one. I was not as lucky, though. It keeps giving me live grenades XP

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