FL4K Stagecoach Savage Build - Insane Damage any Action Skill! [Mayhem 4 TVHM Build] Borderlands 3

Showcasing my FL4k Stagecoach Savage build which centers around getting the most out of this insane Jakobs shotgun. I dive into how to get the most out of it with rakks and delve into a base fadeaway build as well with multiple mayhem 4 slaughter shaft waves to demonstrate how effective it can be. Shoutouts to Dakquan and Ratore for showing how great this weapon can be with fadeaway, it inspired me to adapt it to an aggressive rakk build and the result is a fun, fast paced insanely strong build that rewards smart aggressive play with the healing from the rakks + the Last Stand Otto Idol. Enjoy the vid and try out this monster of a weapon :slight_smile:


I like shotguns but there are times when the knockback is too much. If I find a good stagecoach I will give it a whirl so thanks for the idea.

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What about a build for dumb and aggressive?

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you get accustomed to the knock back pretty quickly in my experience, enjoy the build dude

Iā€™m working on my first Move build at the moment so stay tuned :slight_smile: