Hey, so we all know FL4K is a bit lacking in the survivability department but I was wondering if anyone has gotten around to testing a few annointments that in theory would boost it by a lot WITHOUT sacrificing damage. What I’m theory crafting is a R4kk P4kk build full red tree and partial blue maximizing damage output so we ignore green which unfortunately has the majority of survival skills. To compensate we use one of OR both of these annointments.


Utilizing these annointments we get an option to burst heal on ASE which with rakk build is pretty much on command. What I’m curious about is with the weapon annointment does the life steal apply ONLY to that gun or is it grenades, rakk, and dots ? Would be insane if you could shoot a lump swap to that annointment toss out rakk and nades then just run and gun. Then we have the shield annointment. Giving up 50% bonus damage seems like a lot but I’m curious if the 5% burst healing is worth it. Unfortunately I can’t test any of this out because I have pretty much every annointment in the game except these 2 lol. But just putting it out there in case anyone else has them and or has done testing on it already.


You can run red + blue rakk attack alright with all damage anointments, it‘s probably the most popular FL4K build atm. Transformer, stop gap, or recharger as shield and then last stand Otto’s Idol will help keep you alive. Besides rakk pakk, Friend bot is an interesting comm to consider since you could run it with scorcher for more elemental damage and health regen. Also keeps the pet alive

I have thought about life steal anoints before, but it depends a little bit on what counts toward it like you say. Should be a gun specific anointment, like almost all of them. I imagine it would work with brainstormer tendrils too so that would make you unkillable in dense areas like the takedown.

The 25% health on ASE anointment from bloody harvest is also good, and does not require terror to work. And terror health regen is very good. But you get so much damage from damage anointments that I think people will tend to focus on survivability through shield, relic, and maybe class mod selection before they give those up.

The problem I’m having with FL4K is that, when compared to Zane, FL4K’s Health Regen from skills in the trees is so much lower, even with Class Mods that put more points into Self Repair, and even with the Spiderant as your Pet.

Another area where FL4K is lacking, In My Opinion, is there are no skills to boost the Max Capacity of your shields. Zane has this lovely 3-point skill where every point into it boosts his shield’s capacity by 10%. Put in the max of 3 points like I did, now a 1,000 point shield becomes a 1,300 point shield, for instance. Add a Class Mod that puts more points into it and you’ve really got a lot of survivability! :sunglasses:

So, basically, IF the Vault Hunters ever do get a 4th Skill Tree added, FL4K’s needs to be laser focused on survivability, with massive boosts to max HP, max Shields, Health Regen, Shield Recharge, and Shield Recharge Cooldown. But until then, I’ve just been giving FL4K shields and class mods that boost those things as much as possible.

That’s my story and I’m stickin’ to it! :wink:

@plenipotence I have run all those setups and concluded that in M4 none of them are very consistent. Yes they work but when you get caught you get caught. Having that burst heal just seems really good. Friend bot is garbage too me as well since the pet does not draw aggro enough without the red fang so keeping him alive is useless again speaking only for m4. @JackTChance1 I agree that fl4k is very squishy but the solution is way simpler than giving him a whole extra tree for survivability. He has one already lol, all our boy needs is ONE skill that grants lifesteal. All the other classes have one but FL4K only gets Regen? Feels bad man. He’s supposed to be part glass cannon I get it but it still feels weird his survivability is so garbage. A hunter skill that has life steal on critical hits would literally fit his theme perfectly and solve all of the problems it seems he has .


I’m running cryo Fl4k and I use the healing augment for my rakks, combined with a victory rush artifact my survivability is pretty good on mayhem 4. I ran slaughter shaft for a while last night like this and I did get put into FFYL a few times but only got downed maybe 3 in the hour I was running it.

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Funny that you mention Life Steal, as my preferred grenades for him are Homing with Life Steal.

Note To Self: Look for Annointed Gear that has Life Steal.

I use an otto idol and lifesteal on ase with my Maggie and my fl4k had enough survivability to raid on m4 easily from the beginning.
I also have a heal 25% on ase recharger I used to use occasionally.
PSA if you’re only after anointment perks use the healing rakks.

@JackTChance1 From what I hear the nades that have natural lifesteal (No annointments) were lackluster in M3 meaning I assume they are garbage for healing in M4 annointment seems to be the way to go. Also gonna throw this vid in here in case nobody has seen it. https://youtu.be/7JGPmjwxrks
Thought about running a Kings call for some healing but the Maggie outperforms it damage wise so I don’t know if the healing is worth it but again anyone with the annointment s and gear please test and let us know

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That Maggie with lifesteal on ASE does the annointment only proc from weapon damage with the Gun in hand or does it give you flat lifesteal for the duration? Been curious how it works also are you talking about the terror annointment for your shield? I avoid terror because it seemed gimmicky and i hate the visual effects.

Gives lifesteal while in hand; almost better off using a knifedrain relic with a facepuncher. Fl4ks specific 30% lifesteal on attack comand only procs from pet attacks, not worth it imop

My build is the closest to the damage output (-17%? Fleshed out all trees and no capstone), and makes the spiderant nearly invincible with max health regen about 9%/sec added with terror regen and facepuncher knifedrain. Cant link it as the trees are down but its extremely tanky compared


The way these are supposed to work is that when it reads enemies damaged by rakk attack take 100% increase damage that only applies to that weapon, same with life steal. I tested a few months ago and that’s how it worked. Unless recent patches or weapon glitches break that the answer should be no.
Oddly when I started getting elemental damage on ase with grenades and shield my rakks gained extra damage as if they are considered weapons so that may lead to some fun testing with multiple anointments.

15% on ase or 30% on command for gamma burst are so worth it on a good gun.

But a 100% rakk facepuncher w/ relic; will be healing for about 4.5k per shot… 2.2 ish without the annoint (scrap this, bad info)

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That’s all it’s healing though? Trust me that’s alot I just thought it’d be more. Look at the Maggie 15% of an easy 45k is still 6k, nine times a second, even if I don’t crit still around 2k healing. God I want a hellwalker with ase healing, refill health Everytime.
Are you sure the facepuncher knife drain isn’t filling up your health?

Tbh i havnt checked that out completely; moze had to steal it for a build ive been working on, fl4ks on the backburner but can test further when i get back home (i was using her numbers srry)

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Messaged a buddy playing around with my game; deep dive(x7) is healing approx 6.4k (it has 25% melee terror) , redundant(x14) is healing approximately 8.3k (using roughrider at 11.3k max hp)

  • strictly melee, 2.1 k
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Holy ■■■■ that’s a badass.

Sorta? 3 skips of a cryo jackhammer is killing him though :rofl:

The shield anoint heals 25% of your max health on ASE even if you do not have terror stacks; terror only increases the percentage of health recovered. It doesn’t add any terror so you don’t get the visual/audio effects either.

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