FL4k The BeastMaster (not really)

Legendary Trainer, The Dominance Capstone,and just about 17 skill points to invest in. A class called a beastmaster, and yet what do you get for putting all that together? Mediocrity at its BEST. I- along with many others- once i saw the original fl4k character trailer hoped to play exactly what was shown, a real beastmaster class, and yet clearly after a full year now after the games release, gearbox has make that exact thing a joke. normally i wouldnt stretch as far as to say that gearbox hasnt tested any of this stuff but COME ON the fix to friendbots damage bug finally arrived and it was ADDITIVE?! Are we still on mayhem 3 for ■■■■ sake? I totally dont get this game, there are too many instances of pet damage bonuses for pets to still suck this badly. After a year of being out, this is just insane, the devs have said they DO read the forums so to fake ignorance on how to properly balance or adjust pet damage or tie it to gear is LAUGHABLE. There is an ENTIRE pet section dedicated to bugs and possible buff/fixes that could be easily done. Ive heard a great many excuses for the state of flaks pets but seriously if they ARE intended to be this way, get rid of the master skill tree and change his class name to Zer0 2.0. The worst part for me personally about all my frustrations the past year involving pet damage is gearbox is so damn quick to nerf pets when they do anything right on ACCIDENT. I didnt forget about the spider ant doing good damage gearbox. Got to nerf that quick huh? Interesting…i see auto bear can solo takedowns. Oh wait? Zane can be a better beastmaster than flak and have more responsive companions since release? if someone told me that before the game came out i wouldnt even take it seriously and yeet…here we are. im so fed up at this point that im defeated. Knowing how the combat designer feels about pet damage, and how there is blatant favoritism among balancing the characters. I think this was once quite possibly going to be my favorite game, and now im so defeated by this after a year of trying to give feedback and hoping for gearbox to act on any of it.


Have you tried out the gamma plus the beastmaster skill set? And then add on the cool dowm bonuses to where you can try using the action skill boost on skill activation your beast morphs into a bigger pet thing? But I onow your frustration because I am a fl4k main and tried out the other classes and I see how much of an unfair advantage they have comoared to fl4k builds. Originally I thought it was my play style on how i use fl4k but even if he was suppose to be a hybrid of zero, mordecai, and gaige. It fails in comparison. When the game first came out fl4k was overpowered but day 3 of the games release he got nerfed to kingdom come. They say he is suppose to be a sniper type but has class mods and any good weapons that are needed for close quarter combat. He is almost like a glass canon but a terribly designed one at that. They said they are afraid of afk play but they saw how quickly the other classes would have had less appeal. But its the same people that got offended and were to quickly defend Maya and her role in the game. Plus they really tried their best to really go in depth and wanted people to focus on amara. Went on about how much time and effort they put into amara and zane. Moze and fl4k were after thoughts and only talked about fl4ks pet a.i. being difficult and new but not much else. The only excuse they gor is that they dont want fl4ks pet to be op because its a constant companion. But zane can can constantly spam his with no problem and its perfectly fine. Moze comes to a close second with her iron bear but used as a buffer more so than a companion. And amara can use her abilities more than fl4k could in his fade away but she has health for days while you get tagged once with any damage and youre downed. But hell the pet can revive you even though its a.i. is so buggy and cant take much damage before its downed. Fl4k is the worst class out of the 4. Unless you either find some exploit to use for a few days until the devs come in and hide what true patches they do and only let us know the more innocent patches in their updates. The whole dev community hides way too much on what really goes on in their patches. And only skim on what updates they do and the scaling behind them. But heck, “its part of the game to have you figure out what exactly how things work”. Borderlands up until the pre sequal was amazing. It wasnt until they saw the cash grab it could be is when they ruined the series. There is some good people on the team but are very few in the mass of idiots that are in control.

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I feel you on that front. I was drawn in by the trailer and have been disappointed when I got to play Fl4k. I mostly use Gamma Burst since it’s as close as it gets as a beastmaster. Still playing as Fl4k in hope of changes.


I’m with you at this point man. I’ve been trying really hard, but I don’t have the energy to keep fighting against the game to make this work. I need a break, a long one.


I guess fl4k in general is the only vault hunter that you trully have to grind and farm to no end to get one true build unlike the others that can pick up anything with no exacts or specifics with perfect rolls with no exceptions or unnecessary additives. So its a real pain. But once you finally get it, its not worth it since poof. All that hard work just disapears with a patch. Or the perks not working correctly like they should. Either not working at all or not the way it should. Its when it is used in an unfair advatage they try to fix it but do more harm than good.

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Our neighbour Grim Dawn and Path of Exile got summoners/pets right there at least :rofl:


Ehhh. Fot any Fl4k mains reading I thinks its best to accept that this is as good pets will be espically with gbx current stance on Fl4k’s pets. Its better then hoping for something every patch and being disappointed.

If that’s the mentality we need to adapt then we may as well quit playing. We’ve had 3 other borderlands games with pets far more powerful than FL4K’s with no issues, yet FL4K has such a terrible pet damage formula and incoherent design where Zane’s SNTL can outdamage them easily.

If they didn’t want FL4K to be a beastmaster then fine, they should’ve removed their damage skills last November instead of adding more.


exactly unfortunately

100% this

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