Fl4k-"The Fl4kinator" / A Gamma Burst Boss Burner Build

So recently I’ve done a ton of respeccing and testing and just theory crafting builds that don’t use FA and are just something different. I have several builds that I’ve come up with, namely a gamma burst boss burner, a rakk attack mobbing/bossing/circles build and a melee build.

Today I’d like to share the Gamma Boss Burner. You don’t need any special items for this build to work aside from a decent Friend-Bot com. Good weapons obviously make it better. The com I’m using here only has +3 Barberic Yap, I would prefer a +4 or +5 but my +4 has useless passives so I’m using this +3 instead for that nice sniper bonus on GW. Every bit of gear I’m using in the gameplay below is sub-optimal so the build can get a lot better. Nothing is anointed except the cutsman, all my passives are actual trash etc, so it definitely can get better.

So here is an image of my skill tree setup and my friend-bot com.

Here is 10 minutes of boss slaying gameplay. I did about 5 minutes on Captain Traunt (my favorite!) and then moved on to GW for the remaining 5ish minutes. I ignored loot so I could just get as many kills in as possible and show you all how it goes with all the various MH3 modifiers that pop up.

This is TVHM-MH3

I wanted to add, yes I’m using Lyudas but that’s because it’s the best tool for the job. It’s not needed for the build but it will kill the fastest. Mine has a small mag size, it could be more optimized.

The other thing is this build is a true glass cannon. You can go mobbing with it, but you gotta play careful because you will get gibbed, however your damage is so insane second winds are exceptionally easy to get.


Thanks for sharing! I just started a Fl4k run and I’m refusing to use FA because I don’t like that playstyle and because I trust that by the time I hit mayhem levels they’ll have buffed his other builds or at least clarified the things that synergize.

He seems fun and I wanna use him as advertised, so I’m looking forward to a playthrough.

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Have you tried Burst Aid at all? I found that it helps keep the pet alive against mobs? Nice video though

Using a lot of hunter skills and not using big game? That’s a kinda of a go to skill right there

Not using any hunter kill skills though. Beside Furious attack the rest are at minimal investment.

Yea after 2nd look makes sense good boss killing build

Yeah we only take those types of skills that don’t require a kill to build up. So like furious attack you get from just shooting etc. And we got frenzy for the pet to work on building, which doesn’t help GW but is good against Traunt.

Thanks for sharing, will try it out soon.