Fl4k the Med!c Build

This build is meant to keeping everyone in the party out of FFYL. If they do go down you still have +25% movement speed to get there quick! Someone off getting pummeled? Gamma burst and stand in it to help them regen faster w/ shared regen, or cast it near them!

It is hard to die, really hard to die, like you need to be suicidal to die (tested mobbing in M 1-3) Your pet rarely dies, and if so you can always Gamma. However, you WILL NOT be wrecking insta kills. You have enough bonuses to do moderate damage but this build is meant to be the group medic/support. Don’t be selfish!

5/5 Self-Repairing System (+30% Max Health / 1.5% Regen)
5/5 Eager to Impress or 5/5 Furious Attack (either or)
3/3 All My BFF’s (Share the love!)
1/1 Lick the Wounds
3/3 Turn Tail and Run (0.9% Regen)
3/3 The Fast and the Furryous (+10% movement speed!)
5/5 Rage and Recover (8% Missing Health Regen for 3 Sec)
1/1 The Power Inside (This is your main damage skill and triggers when you go in Gamma Med!c mode! You should be at full health on every trigger)

3/3 Persistence Hunter
2/5 Ferocity
1/3 He Bites!
4/5 Who Rescued Who? (Keep pet alive + 1.6% regen)
5/5 Frenzy
5/5 Barbaric Yawp (see pet bonus)
1/1 Mutated Defenses
1/1 Shared Spirit (Keeps you alive)

Pet: Great Horned Skag if you need a damage boost (+15% Damage +30% Gun damage)
or Eridian Skag for singularity pull (+15% Damage +15% Fire Rate)

A/S: Gamma Burst (On Activation at full health w/ Frenzy, gun damage will be at +172%)
(max regen: 4%/sec (24% with Gamma))

Modifiers: Endurance / Burst Aid (Keep the healing going!)

Mod: Friend-Bot / Red Fang (depending how you want to deal, Red Fang is a good distraction) Or any buff to heals works as well, nothing needed specificly.

Shields: Ones w/ Health Regen bonuses work well! (+ speed is a plus as well) Multivitamin/Rough Rider/stopgap with invul relic pair well


Will have to try this out in co-op. I haven’t messed with gamma burst yet

Also my COM with
+3 Turn Tail and Run
+2 Self-Repairing System
Is amazing for survival since I’m normally ok without an offensive COM

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I hate to have builds that are gear focused. Not everyone has the benefit of legendary’s on hand. That COM would fit nicely!


I wish I can find the topic someone posted or added to about a Fl4k Support Build…that was made for co-op that used the Gamma Burst side with a majority in the Master, half in Hunter and none in Stalker. It was built around health regen for all, keeping the Skag up making him into a Tank while still dealing good damage. but I can’t find it…

This build you pretty much stand in your Gamma and your regen and damage keep your pet alive. In M3, dmg/regen is sufficient to keep pet alive even when fighting Traunt or Killavolt. The only time my pet really goes in FFYL is when fighting certain Annointed ( w/ explosive purple orbs) or a group of them.